Michelle Comes Of Age

By Gowan Bush.


Mr. Hardcock drained the last bits of his cum up my ass and then withdrew his cock out of me and he knelt back on the bed. “Holy shit,” he moaned with a chuckle. “Thank you, Michelle. That was incredible.”

“I liked it too,” I smiled back him.

“Bitch!” Amy giggled at me. “I’m still here, and I am close!”

“Sorry lover,” I smiled up at her and dove my face back between her legs. As spent as I first felt when Mr. Hardcock slid his cock out of me, I felt a second wind as I began to tongue Amy’s clit.


“Oh yes daddy!” Amy’s muffled voice wailed into my pussy. “Fuck me good!”

After the raucous ass-fuck session, Amy had tongued my asshole and licked up her dad’s cum as it oozed out of me. Then we swapped positions. I was now on my back and she was getting fucked doggy-style. I found out later that Mr. Hardcock had taken Viagra earlier – he didn’t NEED it, but it kept him hard as a rock, even after cumming!

So now Amy was wailing as he drilled her from behind, and she was pleasuring me with her mouth and fingers.

I moaned loudly and drove my hips into Amy’s face. She kept whimpering into my pussy every time her dad drilled his cock into her. I leaned my head back into the pillow as she brought me to another wonderful orgasm! My mind was swimming!

I had just gotten my ass fucked by my friend’s father, and now this same friend was eating my pussy while her father fucked her. It was SO naughty! How could I not love it?

After what seemed like another eternity of pleasure, Mr. Hardcock grunted loudly and gripped Amy’s hips tightly.

I heard her whimper loudly and I knew he was shooting cum up inside her pussy. Once more Mr. Hardcock pulled his cock out of an eighteen-year-old and sighed with pleasure.

Amy immediately scampered up the bed and straddled my face. “I want you to lick my daddy’s cum out of my pussy,” she breathed heavily at me.

“You’re the boss,” I grinned up at her as I reached up around her hips and guided her pussy down onto my face.

What a prom night!


The next morning I woke at about six am. I was NOT impressed. The three of us had gone well into the wee hours.

Still, I knew: When I was up? I was up for good. So I gently slid out of bed so as not to disturb Amy or Mr. Hardcock.

I smiled down at them as I watched them spooning lovingly. Nothing but immense gratitude filled me as I silently thanked them for allowing me to be a part of their lives.

Without bothering to dress I went downstairs and put on a pot of coffee. I looked out as I watched the beautiful day dawn before me.

I jumped when Amy put her hand on my shoulder from behind me. Like me, she was still naked. “Sorry,” she smiled at me. “You okay?”

“Outstanding,” I smiled at her.

“What the hell are you doing up so early?” she giggled at me.

“I wish I knew,” I giggled back. “But I am getting some coffee going.”

“Dad will appreciate that,” she smirked. “Almost as much as he appreciated you letting him fuck you up the ass.”

“Is that why you complimented me in the shower months ago,” I giggled.

“What? You think I saw you and thought: Hey my dad would like to tap that?”

“No, don’t tell me that,” I chuckled. “I might get an ego.”

“Listen, babe,” Amy placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me right in the eyes.

“Shh,” I immediately put a finger to her lips. “You don’t have to say anything. I just want to thank you for, I dunno, awakening me.”

“It was my pleasure,” she smiled at me. “In more ways than one!”


Three days later I met Luke in a park for a game of chess. As we set up the board I smiled at him. “So, did you fuck Suzanne?”

“Alas, no,” he sighed. “She was way too drunk. How did your prom night go?”

I eyed him for a moment and then thought ‘why not?’. “I had a threesome with Amy and her dad.”

He eyed me with astonishment for a moment. When he realized I wasn’t kidding he just nodded.

“My hero,” he said with a smile.

He nudged a pawn two squares forward.

The End.


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