The Dare

By Gowan Bush.


Alexis set her jaw. These gringas are not going to scare her off from her car. “You just let me in your house and stand aside puta,” she said, looking Emily in the eye. Emily laughed bitterly and they left the shop to go to the Wood residence.

The ride over was quiet and Alexis and Emily disembarked at their destination. Emily opened the door and let Alexis in. She locked the door behind her and returned to the car. She blasted the radio loud, to avoid talking to the girls.

Inside the house, Alexis stood still in the quiet. She could faintly hear the sounds of the TV coming from upstairs. She wasn’t sure is she could actually go through with it. Getting undressed in someone else’s house was quite a bit out there for the stocky, young latina. Mr. Wood was a terrific man. He was good looking and quite understanding of both Emily and their little car-sharing group. He was, by far, the coolest parent she knew. Still, that did not guarantee he wouldn’t call the cops to arrest her. He wasn’t a push-over for young girls, he kept refusing Emily’s requests for her own car, for instance.

Alexis fondly reminisced on all the times Mr. Wood stayed cool, despite finding them doing some stuff that would make other parents freak out and send them off to bible camp or boarding school. Alexis nodded to herself. He wouldn’t panic seeing her, and she could very probably talk him out of calling the cops on her, or even telling people what a psycho Alexis Lopez was. He could keep a secret. She quickly stripped naked and saw on her phone that she had wasted a lot of time already. She texted Emily that she found her courage and is now going in.

Alexis nervously wiped her palms on her thighs, reminding herself to shave her legs before going off to college next week. She crept up the stairs and down the hall to the den, where she peaked around the corner and saw Mr. Wood watching TV. She set Hannah’s dad’s camera on the floor, by the door, in order for the microphone to pick up the answer to the question. She needed proof, after all.

Taking one last, deep breath, she stepped into the room. “Good evening, Mr. Wood,” she exclaimed innocently, “am I a pretty little girl?” She twirled with arms raised. When she finished, he was staring at her in slack-jawed surprise. Alexis gulped nervously as he slowly rose forward in his seat. The look in his eyes went from shocked to amused. “Am I a pretty little girl,” she repeated.

“What did you say,” he asked coolly.

Alexis shuddered at the sound of his basso profundo voice. His whole presence and demeanor were very distracting for her. She forced herself to stay on task. She needed Betty Buick. She swallowed again and asked, “Am I a pretty little girl?”

He got up and she felt his eyes run up and down her form, judging her, evaluating her looks with his experienced eyes. She realized she wanted him to say yes. She wanted him to think her sexy. He walked closer to her. His easy smile nearly made her legs give out. He smelled of cigar smoke and expensive cologne. “No,” he said.

Alexis’s heart sank as her jaw dropped. She felt like she had been slapped in the face. How could he say no? Couldn’t he at least lie about it?

His hand reached out and stroked the side of her face. “No, Alexis,” he said, “You are not a pretty little girl, you are a beautiful young woman.” Alexis’s heart raced even faster at that. She allowed herself to melt into his touch. “A very beautiful and sexy young woman,” he murmured before leaning in for a kiss.

Alexis was tingling in anticipation as his lips seemed to take forever to close the few inches of distance. His breath was so warm on her face. When his lips finally started to suck on hers, she moaned in wanton lust. He swept her into his embrace. His suit felt tantalizingly rough against her bare skin. She let her supple, young body be molded by his firm torso. His kiss took her breath away. His hands ran all over her body, touching, exploring, fanning the flames of lust. His touch was not that of inpatient schoolboys that were only dating her to get some practice for their actual intendeds. This was a man’s touch, sure and deft, and this man had no ulterior designs beyond giving her pleasure. Except, of course, for taking his own.

He turned her around in his embrace and cupped her breasts. Alexis moaned in delight as his fingers strummed her areolas and sent tingles of pleasure down to her clit. She realized she was wet as she started squirming against him. He walked her over to the couch and had her kneel on it. Alexis put her elbows on the backrest and spread her knees. He took a few moments to caress her back and then ran his hands over her backside, squeezing and groping. Alexis couldn’t stay still. His fingers ran even lower and explored her pussy. Alexis groaned impatiently.

“Do me, Mr. Wood,” she panted, “Please, do me hard!”

He shushed her and undid his zipper. Alexis didn’t bother taking a look at his dick, she just wanted it inside herself right away. He pressed his cock against her opening, using one hand to spread her lips wide open. They both sighed in delight as he started to penetrate her. He didn’t stop until he was all the way inside her. Alexis had never before felt so full. Slowly, he started exploring her pussy with his cock, determining where her pleasure zones were. It wasn’t the impatient and brief in and out fucking she had gotten from boys at school before. This was a union of their bodies, meant to bring as much pleasure as was given, and all at the same time. She started clenching her pussy walls, just to feel the hard cock inside her push back. His grunt of approval made her blush with delight.

Their bodies slowly rocked together as they sighed in unison. He would penetrate her with a gathering rhythm for a while, before changing his movements and stimulating a whole different set of pleasure points inside her. She continuously moaned, gasped and panted in pleasure. He brought her higher and higher, building her pleasure until her first ever orgasm burst forth to drown her in unbridled ecstasy. Her scream of pleasure was staggered by her whole body convulsing involuntarily. She felt like she was on fire. Her pussy clenched tight against his dick and she could feel the pulsing of the turgid flesh inside her as he came.

After her orgasm finally ended, she stayed bent over the back of the couch, enjoying the tender touch of his hands all over her sides. His cock softened and slipped out of her, sending shivers up her spine. He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. She moaned in appreciation and he started to plant delightful kisses down her spine. “This is heavenly,” murmured Alexis.

He scooped her up in his arms and pressed her back against his shirt. “You are an angel,” he whispered in her ear. “You know that, don’t you?”

Alexis was absolutely overwhelmed. A handsome, successful widower had just given her the first orgasm she ever had, followed by tender embraces and words of encouragement and comfort. She started to freak out a bit. She was too young to fall in love like this. This was too much for her. “I,” she stammered, “I, I have to, like, go now.”

He let her up off the couch and turned her around in his strong arms, giving her an inquisitive look. “Are you sure,” he asked. “Couldn’t you stay the rest of the night?”

Alexis was tempted to fall asleep with this man and wake up in the morning in his arms, but it was too fast for her. “Yes, I’m sure,” she said. “I, I, I have to, um, go and, um, meet your daughter.”

He gave her a small, sad smile and a kiss on her forehead. “I understand,” he sighed.

As he let go of her, she started to leave, but stopped and turned around. “Thank you,” she said and paused, gesturing around, unsure how to thank a man for making love to her. He nodded with a smile of understanding. “No, um, no need to see me out. I’m ok.” He nodded again.

She left the room and picked up the camera. She stopped it, rewound the recording to back when he said, “No,” to her question and deleted the recording after that moment. She looked to the door and remembered it was locked. She went to the door and dressed, then called Emily’s phone. “Let me out, I’m done,” she said and then hung up. She looked up the stairs nervously. She didn’t know if she feared Mr. Wood coming down the stairs or if she desperately wanted him to.

Finally, Emily came and unlocked the door. Alexis pushed out and ran to the car, climbing in the back seat. Emily followed quickly and sat down in the front seat.

“Well,” prompted Hannah, “Did you do it?”

“Uh, yeah,” responded Alexis. She played the tape, showing her walking into the room bare-ass naked and then asking the question repeatedly until he answered it. The girls watched in slack-jawed awe, followed by exclamations of disbelief and general laughter.

“Ok,” said Hannah, “It took you, like, ten minutes to gather up your courage and then you did this, which took, like, one minute. But you were in there for, like, more than half an hour. Like, what else did you do in there?”

Emily set her jaw and looked down. She already knew what the bitch had done with her dad. She already realized that Alexis had been fucked by the man that adopted her when she was little. Her dad had taken her as his lover as soon as she started driving Betty Buick, and he said she was ready for love. He said that their connection was special and that they would be together for life, just the two of them. He had even planned to move his office so he could be with her while she studied, and now he went and fucked the first pussy that offered herself to him the way he liked Emily to offer herself. She felt betrayed. She felt stupid for having sent Alexis in there with that line.

The other girls in the car talked about something, mostly Alexis lying about how she talked her father into not calling the cops on her, but Emily paid them no mind. She was lost in betrayal. A sudden and strong punch on her shoulder brought her attention back to the car. She looked to Alexis in the rear view mirror and the latina lowered her face in shame.

Sarah punched Emily for the second time and exclaimed, “Bitch, choose who dares you, or you’re out of the game!”

“What,” said Emily flatly.

“Choose who dares you,” Sarah all but shouted. “Ashley or me!”

“Ashley has to dare me,” said Emily with a dead calm in her voice. “If you were to dare me than Ashley would be left to dare herself and how would that work exactly,” she asked, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Sarah sat and fumed for a moment, before punching Emily’s shoulder for the third time. Emily gave no reaction. “Alright, Ashley,” said Hannah, eager to move things along, “give Emily her triple dog dare, will ya?”

Ashley gulped nervously and wiped her palms on her pink skirt. This night had taken a decidedly adult turn, what with all the dares being sexual in nature. A part of her tingled in anticipation of being given an excuse to do something adult, like Hannah’s threesome. Another part of her tingled with growing dread as the dares got more and more, well, daring. Ashley’s parents did their level best to keep their only child as childlike as possible, and they had actually succeeded, after a fashion. Ashley’s first, and so far only step towards adulthood had been the car sharing agreement with the girls. Sitting behind the wheel of Betty Buick were the only times in her life so far that anyone could mistake her for the adult that she technically was.

Ashley wanted to win and keep Betty Buick, but her only sexual experience so far was watching the porno she had bought once at the adult bookstore. And she had only gone in there because she thought it was the place to get the Twilight books. She was mortified to find herself surrounded by huge dildos and leering, seedy looking men. When the clerk by the door asked her what she was looking for, she had just grabbed the first thing that wasn’t shaped like genitals and went to the register. That’s how she bought her prized DVD.

Ashley’s eyes lit up. “Emily,” she said, “I triple dog dare you to go into the adult bookstore on Euclid and proposition a man you find in there!”

“What,” asked Sarah flatly, “Only proposition? She doesn’t have to go through with it?”

Ashley nodded in embarrassment. Emily turned the key and started making their way to Euclid Avenue. “Remember,” said Sarah, “If she doesn’t do it, you have to!” Ashley gulped nervously as she realized her predicament. She was the last to do a dare and Sarah would certainly have something nasty in mind for her. She didn’t want to lose Betty Buick in such a chickenshit manner as giving up.

Emily, meanwhile, showed absolutely no outward sign of the seething rage that was consuming her. Ashley’s dare was a perfect chance for revenge. Her daddy’s pretty little girl fucked in a changing room of the sex shop’s lingerie and strap-on section sounded perfect to her.

They found the sex shop easily and they all got out to browse the store and witness what they thought would be Emily’s humiliation. The girls stuck together as a group, following Emily at a distance while she scanned the men ogling her in the shop. She hefted the camera and considered them all, one by one. She wanted the grossest one there to defile her so she could show her daddy the tape.

Suddenly, Hannah ducked back around a corner. “Guys,” she whispered, “Don’t look now, but over there is that guy that, um, he used to work for Mr. Wood or something?” The girls slowly peeked around the corner at the short, thin, bald man that was perusing the condoms and lubricants section.

“Holy fuck,” exclaimed Sarah, “She is going to just die!” The girls giggled and began silently rooting for Emily to turn to her right and spot the man. They expected the suave redhead to finally be skeeved out by being seen in a sex shop by a friend of her father.

Emily was trying to decide between the fat, bearded man that was leering at her and the thin, nervous one that was ogling her while trying to give the impression he wasn’t when she heard the girls giggling behind her. She rolled her eyes and started to turn to glare at them when she caught a familiar glimpse out of the corner of her eye. In the aisle next to her, James Hardwick, her dad’s former business partner, was looking at the wares. Emily smiled in joy. This was a perfect revenge. She fluffed out her wavy, red hair and approached Mr. Hardwick.

“Good evening, Mr. Hardwick,” she said, politely.

To his credit, Hardwick didn’t show one ounce of embarrassment to be seen in a sex shop. Emily’s estimation of the man rose slightly. He turned to Emily and adjusted his spectacles. “Emily,” he said with a nod of greeting.

“You know, Mr. Hardwick,” said Emily, in a confidential tone of voice, “I always thought it was terrible the way my father bought you out of your company for peanuts just before he closed that deal with Flettner Industries that made him rich.” Hardwick just grunted noncommittally. “A big part of you must be raw for some kind of revenge, no?”

Hardwick started looking her over with a bit of suspicion. “What’s the camera for,” he asked.

Emily hefted Ashley’s dad’s camera and asked, “This? Well, I thought that you might be willing to get some revenge on my dad, and what better way than to defile his only child in the changing room of a sex shop and then send him the tape.”

Hardwick cast a glance at a gaggle of girls in the next aisle that let out a bunch of shocked gasps. “I’m not in the mood for pranks,” he said dismissively.

Emily undid the button and zipper on her jeans. She stepped into his personal space and took hold of his wrist. She brought his hand into her panties. His eyebrows rose in surprise. He could feel dew under her bush. “You’re wet,” he said.

Emily nodded. “Fuck me,” she said. “Violate me. Defile me. Record it all on tape and use it against my father. Use it to hurt him.”

“How old are you, again,” he asked.

“Eighteen, Mr. Hardwick,” she answered quickly.

Hardwick scanned her face for a sign of hesitation but found none. He nodded and she took her hand off of his. He stroked her pussy lips with his fingers and slowly hooked one finger inside of her. She tensed and gasped in delight. He gave a nod and a hand sign to the sales clerk behind her and, after he nodded a second time in acknowledgment, started leading her to the changing rooms by the pussy. She felt a bit awkward to be seen following a man walking backward with his hand in her pants, but she shrugged it off. She was about to do much, much worse.

The changing room had just enough space for the two of them. A big mirror took up the entire wall opposite the door. She turned on the camera and hung it by the strap from one of the pegs. “Strip,” was his simple command. She pulled her T-shirt over her head to reveal a simple, black bra containing her C-cup, alabaster breasts. She reached behind herself and undid the bra clasp, setting her tits loose. Next, she rolled her tight, black jeans down her legs and stepped out of them. Her black panties quickly followed and she stood before him, clad only in ankle socks and her two inch, black wedges.

She checked herself out in the camera’s screen, turned towards them. She was definitely hot. She gave the camera a smile and a little wave.

“On your knees, cunt,” he sneered.

She knelt before him and undid his zipper, without any prompting. She fished around the flap of his underwear and carefully extracted his hardening cock. She took a long lick along its underside as she looked at the camera lens. When she pushed back the foreskin and engulfed the head of his cock with her mouth, it hardened all but instantly. He gave a grunt and ordered, “Suck it good, bitch!”

She pressed her lips tight around the member and created a seal. The taste was similar to her dad’s. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied suction. She began running her head up and down his shaft, twisting to get her tongue to cover all of his glans. On every third stroke or so, she would take the chance to look at the camera with smiling eyes, knowing her adopted father would see this. She was getting so turned on sucking Mr. Hardwick’s dick, she started to honestly want him. She could taste his salty precum.

Soon, Hardwick started groaning and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. His cock popped out of her mouth. She gasped for breath and looked to him for instructions. “Bend over, bitch,” he gasped at her. She stood on wobbly legs and faced the mirror. She put her hands on it for balance as she bent over, presenting her pussy and ass for unhindered access. “Beg for it!”

Emily flipped her hair out of the way and addressed the camera, “Oh, please, Mr. Hardwick, please fuck me with your hard cock! Please fuck me good, Mr. Hardwick, you’re turning me on so much! Please, fuck me!” She looked back at the sound of rustling and was surprised to see him fitting a condom over his cock. The condom had some sort of a ring at the root of the cock and Hardwick’s dick started to hum. “What’s that,” she asked, in genuine curiosity.

“Never mind,” he dismissed her query. “Face front and brace yourself!” She gave the camera one last wink and readied herself for penetration. She gasped and squealed in delight and surprise when the tip of his vibrating cock started to part her pussy lips. The head of his cock entered her and pressed hard against the most sensitive parts of her pussy. The vibrations were sending miniature explosions of delight through her body. She had never before experienced anything like that.

“W-W-What is th-th-that,” she asked, gasping for breath.

“A vibrating condom,” he answered and penetrated her fully. “You’re so tight!” Her whole body began to jerk and twist of its own accord under this pleasurable assault. Her whole vagina was a conduit for pleasure and she truly didn’t know if her body was trying to get away from the throbbing member inside of her or get it to stay there forever.


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