Mom’s Second Job

By Gowan Bush.   It was always lovely when her son came home during those breaks from college. Yet another benefit was that Luke was a tech wizard. Not exactly a nerd, but he knew his stuff. She asked him to buy her the latest webcam along with a headset and microphone attached to it. Even though her equipment was still new, she reasoned to him that as a lawyer, she needed to interact with her clients online using the

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Michelle Comes Of Age

By Gowan Bush.   “Fuck Michelle!” Amy giggled from behind me, startling me while I was in the shower after gym class. “That’s quite the ass you’re packing there,” she added as she dried her hair with a towel. “Um thanks,” I replied timidly as I stood there with my back still to her. “You really ought to show that off a bit more,” she continued from behind me. “Excuse me?” I asked bewildered. I didn’t turn around. “I don’t

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The Dare

By Gowan Bush.   The vodka made the rounds and each of the six girls drew it straight from the bottle. A pall fell on the group as they each came to the realization that the reminiscing part of the evening was over. “All right, gals,” exclaimed Hannah, their host for the evening, while clapping her hands, “the time is upon us. We will cease to exist as a group next week, as most of us go off to different

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Mardis Gras Mom

By Misty Chikan.   Can the entire trajectory of one’s life pivot on the most trivial of events? Logan, my son, a junior in high school, was wrestling for the state championship. He and his opponent, Ryan Jones, a senior, had met in the finals the year before; my son had lost. Since then both boys had moved up a weight class and were now wrestling at 188 pounds. Logan was comfortably ahead on points. Aware that time was running

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