The Dare

By Gowan Bush.


The vodka made the rounds and each of the six girls drew it straight from the bottle.

A pall fell on the group as they each came to the realization that the reminiscing part of the evening was over.

“All right, gals,” exclaimed Hannah, their host for the evening, while clapping her hands, “the time is upon us. We will cease to exist as a group next week, as most of us go off to different colleges.” Sarah looked livid that she was being slighted so. Samantha gave no reaction to the dig, as she never did. “We have to decide how to dispose of our old friend, Betty Buick!”

Ashley waved the keys to their joint car in the air. The six of them had pooled their summer job earnings, over two years ago, and bought a used, green station wagon to share between them. Contrary to the expectations of the adults, the girls did not fall out over the car and had a simple car-sharing arrangement between them. Each had it one day of the week when her responsibility was to carpool all of them to and from school, and one had it on Saturday when she would have to ferry everyone to and from parties. On Sunday, the Saturday girl used it as she liked, as long as it was fueled and in the Monday girl’s driveway by the end of the day.

It was a system that allowed all of the girls to have a chauffeured car for most of the week, and all they had to do was be a chauffeur one day of the week. They rotated their days of the week and the girl whose car it was picked which requests for a ride she would honor, and in which order. The school runs were mandatory. The six of them never had any kind of a fight over Betty Buick, as they affectionately named their ride.

“I think I speak for everyone,” said Alexis, “When I say that I don’t want to see Betty Buick in some stranger’s hands. He’s ours and he should stay with one of us.”

“Yeah, we can’t sell Betty Buick” seconded Hannah, and all the girls murmured their agreement. “The only problem is, not one of us has the cash to buy the rest of us out. How are we supposed to pick and choose who gets Betty Buick?”

“We’ve ignored this issue for too long,” complained Emily. “I mean, we’ve only got a week to figure things out, you know?”

“I got a solution,” exclaimed Sarah. She took off her cap and brushed out her long, blonde curls as the rest of the girls looked at her expectantly.

“Well,” prompted Emily.

“We play a game for it,” said Sarah, smiling. “It’s called Triple Dog and it’s really simple. We sit in a circle and draw cards from a deck, the lowest card goes first.”

“Goes where,” asked Ashley, innocently.

“Goes first in the game,” said Sarah, with some irritation. “The girl with the lowest card does a dare first. She picks one girl to triple dog dare her to do something. We each do a dare and we each issue one dare.”

“What if we don’t want to do the dare,” asked Alexis.

“Then the girl that issued the dare has to do it,” said Sarah. “If she does the dare you refused, you lose. If she doesn’t do the dare she made herself, she loses. It’s simple.”

“Yeah, it’s simple to lose,” commented Emily, “but how do we win the game?”

“After we’ve all had our turn,” continued Sarah, “we vote on who did their dare the best. You can’t vote for yourself or any of the girls that lost, and the girls that lost don’t get to vote at all. Girl with the most votes wins.”

“Yeah, but what if we all do the dares and there’s three of us with two votes or six of us with one vote,” asked Hannah.

“Then the girls that are tied for votes, do a triple dog dare off, only all the girls that didn’t lose still vote,” explained Sarah.

The five girls considered the rules over for a bit and then slowly agreed, one by one. Betty Buick’s keys were put in the middle and Hannah’s father’s high-tech camera was misappropriated in the case of a dare being a solitary thing without witnesses. Sarah shuffled the deck and held it out for each girl to take one card off the top. She picked up the last one and they all turned them over at the same time. Sarah had a deuce, the lowest by far, and all the other girls laughed at the irony.

“Well,” said Hannah, laughing, “you suggested this game, you get to demonstrate it!”

Sarah ground her teeth in anger for a moment, before she spat out, “Hannah, dare me!”

Hannah’s laughter stilled at the venom in Sarah’s voice. The curly haired blonde was the smallest of the six of them, but she had a temper that regularly got her into trouble. Still, when she was in a good mood, she could be a charming little ball of fun. Now, she was pissed, and Hannah could see that plainly in the firm set of Sarah’s blowjob lips. Hannah smiled a wicked smile. She leaned forward, tucked her short, straight, blonde hair behind an ear, and said, “I dare you to-”

“You have to say triple dog dare,” corrected Sarah in anger.

Hannah smiled even wider. She was going to enjoy taking Betty Buick away from Sarah. “I triple dog dare you,” she said, with a particular accent on those words, “to go to David’s party and suck Andrew’s cock and swallow his cum.”

The other four girls gasped in shock. Their eyes darted between the battling blondes in alarm.

“What,” barked Sarah.

“You heard me,” said Hannah smugly.

“Dude,” exclaimed Alexis at Hannah. “You can’t do that, Andrew’s your boyfriend!”

“Ex,” corrected Hannah, without taking her eyes off of Sarah’s. “We’ve decided to split up since we’re going to different colleges next week. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. Or that I don’t want him to have lots of blowjobs. You have pretty blowjob lips, Sarah. Anyone ever tell you that?” Hannah giggled, expecting the headstrong little blonde to finally, for once in her short, but rabid existence, back down from a challenge. Sarah just sat there, fuming. “If you won’t, I will. You know I will.”

Hannah laughed and Sarah snapped. “Alright,” she practically yelled, “I’ll do it! Let’s go! I’m gonna suck you boyfriend’s cock so hard, he’ll forget you ever existed! I’m gonna draw his cum out of his balls and gargle with it!”

All the girls were absolutely shocked at this turn of events. Hannah’s mouth hung open. Before any one of them could formulate an attempt to talk some reason into the two blondes, Sarah jumped up, grabbed Betty Buick’s keys and her cap and took off.

“You have to have proof,” yelled Hannah after her. The girls got up and ran after their friend, desperate to stop her. They only had time to pile into Betty Buick before Sarah took off and drove them to David’s party. She ignored all of their pleas for sanity and checked the camera before opening her door.

“Wait here,” she barked and went in.

“No way,” chanted Ashley, repeatedly. The girls had always talked about boys and sex, but it had always been relegated to just talk. Now, they were doing and showing. It was a new development for them, as a group, since half of them were still virgins. Ashley looked over at her two fellow virgins, Samantha and Emily, and she hoped they would cool things down when it came to their turns.

Alexis did her best to comfort Hannah who looked genuinely worried that Andrew might actually accept a blowjob from Sarah. They all knew Sarah was dumb and proud enough to shoot a loaded gun in her mouth if someone insinuated she was too chicken to do it. They stayed in the car, listening to the music on the radio for about fifteen minutes when they saw Sarah come out of the house. She got back in the driver’s seat and asked Hannah, “Wanna know what your Andrew had for lunch? I could taste it in his sperm.”

“Liar,” snarled Hannah. The girls tensed, half expecting Sarah to claw out Hannah’s eyes.

Sarah merely sneered and held up the camera. She pressed a button and the screen came alive with the footage of her blowing Andrew’s cock. She laughed as the girls stared at it, wide-eyed. They could all plainly see that it was true. Each girl took the camera in hand to check out the footage. When it was Samantha’s turn, she ate it up greedily. On the recording, Sarah swept her curls from her face, which was distorted by Andrew’s cock, her jaw looking like it was dislocated. Her thick, pillowy lips were distended into a thin line around the angry member. Her green eyes smiled at the camera as Andrew grunted his release. She lifted her mouth from the cock and held out her tongue, covered in white goo. She swallowed with an evil grin and then panned over to show Andrew’s face.

Samantha’s heartbeat raced as she ignored the escalating argument in the car and replayed the footage. She was getting so hot, watching Sarah act like a wanton. The argument around her silenced, but she ignored it and replayed the footage yet again.

“Enjoying yourself, are you,” bellowed Hannah in her ear. Samantha flinched and stammered nervously. “Gimme that,” ordered Hannah.

Sarah took the camera from Samantha’s unresisting hands and worked the controls until the movie was deleted. “My movie,” she said, smugly. “You all saw my triple dog dare done, we don’t need it anymore.” Hannah fumed. “Your turn, Hannah.”

Hannah grabbed the back of Samantha’s seat and leaned over to snarl in the tall girl’s ear, “Well, are you going to dare me or not?” Samantha just sat there, silently staring at the floor mat. “Look at you, you big oaf!”

“Hey,” shouted Alexis, “Not cool, Hannah!”

Alexis reached forward and put her hand on Samantha’s shoulder and said, comfortingly, “She doesn’t mean it.”

“Yes I do,” insisted Hannah. “Look at her! Six-foot-two and built like a brick shithouse! She’s twice the size of any one of us and she’s as fierce as a wet kitten!” The girls admonished Hannah for her mean comments, but Hannah ignored them. “So timid, she couldn’t even speak up in class to get the grades she needs for college!” Ashley and Alexis smacked Hannah’s shoulders, but she would not let up. “What sort of a dare could you give anyone?! What could you possibly do yourself? You don’t even have the guts to play basketball, you’re useless! What could a pituitary case of a cowardly mouse like you, ever do?!”

Samantha kept looking down at her folded arms in her lap. The girls were yelling at Hannah to apologize. Finally, Samantha whispered, “I dare you…”

The girls shut up and Sarah reminded, “Triple dog dare.”

“I triple dog dare you to sit in the back seat of my neighbor’s parked car for one hour,” spoke Samantha, timidly, into her own chin.

Hannah howled with laughter. “That’s your challenge,” she asked, incredulously. “Sitting in a car for an hour?” Hannah agreed and Sarah drove them to Samantha’s house. The ride passed in quiet fuming. Hannah pointed at the car and asked Samantha, “Is that it?”

Samantha nodded and Hannah climbed out of Betty Buick in a huff. “I’m gonna be bored over there for an hour,” said Hannah with annoyance, “so you are too. You’re gonna sit here and watch me sitting there for a full hour, or I’m gonna count my dare done the minute you leave for any reason.” She closed the door quietly and snuck off across the front yard, opened the rear door and got in the neighbor’s car.

Emily was the first to break the silence as she took Samantha’s hand in hers, “You know she doesn’t mean any of the things she said, don’t you? She’s just pissed that she and Andrew are going to be apart. She really loves him, you know?” Samantha mutely nodded and then began watching her neighbor’s house. “I’m disappointed the car wasn’t locked.” Emily smiled as she read the mischievous glint in the tall brunette’s eyes. “So, what now? Do we go over there and break one of the windows on the car, so your neighbor calls the cops?”

“Oh, yeah,” exclaimed Sarah in delight. “The cops would come and they’d drag her ass out of the car and she’d be all, like, fighting them off and stuff!” The girls laughed.

“Can you imagine,” asked a laughing Alexis, “her trying to explain to the cops she has to stay in there on a dare?” The girls laughed some more.

Emily noticed Samantha wasn’t laughing, but grinning. “What is it, Samantha,” she asked. “I can see you got a plan, tell us what it is!”

Samantha blushed and checked the clock on her cell phone. “Give it ten more minutes, then you’ll see. It’ll be well worth the wait.”

The girls settled down and sat back in their seats. The music was playing low and they eagerly awaited to see what sort of revenge their tall, timid friend had in store.

Hannah was huffing away in utter boredom in the other car. She checked her cell phone and rolled her eyes at how much time was still left. She ran her hands across the leather seats and sighed. She wanted Betty Buick. It wasn’t truly affordable for her to have a car at college, but Betty Buick was a part of her. Andrew deflowered her on its back seat. Actually, every single time she had sex in her young life was either in the spacious back seat or on the hood of the car. And all of those times were with Andrew.

They only broke up the other day, and he already got a fucking hummer from a skank. She hated him for moving on so fast. She hated Sarah for sucking her Andrew’s dick. She hated herself for thinking the tiny, blonde ball of insolence would back down for once in her fucking life. She expected to be the one that gives Andrew a blowjob and impress the girls so much, they give her the vote and Betty Buick. Betty Buick. How could she possibly give him up, after he had cradled her through all of her sexcapades?

She sighed and thought back to some of the crazy stuff she and Andrew did on the spacious back seat. Her nipples got erect and she unbuttoned her shirt. Tingles of arousal ran up and down the insides of her forearms. Her thighs rubbed together as she felt herself getting wet. Why shouldn’t she masturbate here, in this strange car? She was bored to tears, and the thought of her friends seeing and hearing her jill herself off, made her hope she could still win the vote and Betty Buick.

She raised her ass and pulled her skirt up over her hips. One hand ran across her tits, tickling the exposed skin there. She felt goosebumps all over her skin. The other hand glided slowly up her inner thigh until it reached her panties. She stroked herself through the fabric, arousing her lust. Images of Andrew played on her eyelids every time she closed her eyes. She reached into her bra and pulled a tit out of the cup to caress and gently pinch her nipple. She squirmed and sighed in delight. The memories of Andrew’s touches were fresh and strong and foremost in her mind. She kept on playing with herself for a while before she decided to go all the way.

She sat up and quickly took off her shirt, tossing it on the front seat. Her bra soon followed it, and then she lowered herself again to pull her soggy panties down her legs until they stopped just above her ankles. She spread her knees and wet her fingers before resuming playing with her nipple. She pretended it was Andrew’s mouth on it. Her other hand tickled her bush and slowly found its way lower. She smiled to herself when she gently spread her outer labia with two fingers. Her juices coated her fingers as she started to penetrate herself.

She set a fast rhythm and alternated penetrating herself with two fingers up to the second knuckle and pressing them under her clit to make it easier to tickle with her thumb. She kept pinching her nipples and bringing herself closer to orgasm with each pinch. Her whole body flushed and she was so close. Just that little something to push her over the edge.

The girls in Betty Buick exclaimed in fright and surprise as they saw two figures come out of the neighbor’s house and approach the car. “What the hell are they doing,” asked Emily of Samantha, “kissing?” Samantha only gave a small nod and a small, but naughty grin in response.

Hannah was so lost in her lust that she failed to spot the approaching couple until they opened the rear door and stuck their heads in. Hannah’s bright, blue eyes were as big as saucers as she saw them. Her mouth was gaping wide open and she emitted a wail of ecstasy as her fingers buried themselves in her sopping snatch and she quaked through a fierce orgasm. Her eyes shut tight as her skin bloomed in an orgasmic flush. Her muscles locked up and her entire body shuddered in all-consuming ecstasy. When her vision cleared, she was still shuddering in post-orgasmic delight and a middle-aged man and woman were sitting on either side of her with the doors closed.

It started to dawn on Hannah just what she had done. If these two people called the cops on her, she was so fucking fucked. Her entire future was gone. In her lusty state of mind, her eyes wandered down the chubby, balding man’s body to his groin, where his cock was visibly erect in his khakis. Unconsciously, Hannah licked her ruby red lips, tasting her lipstick.

“Oh, my goodness,” exclaimed Ashley, shaking Samantha by the shoulders. “What on Earth is going on, girl!? Talk to us!”

Samantha gave a small shrug and kept staring at the car. “They’re trying to rekindle their marriage,” she said, meaning the couple that just got in the car. “Every Saturday, for a month now, they get in the back seat and remember their high school days.”

“Ay, caramba,” exclaimed Alexis.

“What are they going to do with her,” asked Emily, but Samantha merely shrugged.

“Well, well, well,” said the man to Hannah. “What do we have here?”

Hannah could think of nothing to say. She blushed even more fiercely and sat there, mute and naked. Her young life did nothing to prepare her for this situation. The air in the car smelled of her pussy.

“I think someone’s been watching us and wanted to join in on the fun,” said the woman amiably.

“Fucking Samantha,” thought Hannah to herself, “That fucking bitch must have had this in mind! How the fuck do I get out of this??”

Hannah’s mouth worked, but no sound came out of it. The woman put her hand on Hannah’s chin and gently turned her to face her. She leaned in and placed her lips over the breathless teenagers. Hannah’s moan of protest was soon stifled by the need for air and she sucked in the smell of the woman’s perfume. The woman slipped her tongue into Hannah’s mouth and began exploring. At the same time, her hand explored the smooth skin of Hannah’s clavicle and shoulder.

Hannah felt the man lick one of her breasts and strokes the other one at the same time. He put his lips over her nipple and sucked it into flick it with his tongue. Hannah’s next moan was one of pure lust. The couple’s hands roamed all over her young, flawless skin. The played her body like a fiddle, with perfect tempo and intensity. Finally, they reached down and lifted one of her thighs each and deposited them in their laps, stretching her between them. The couple lets go of Hannah to kiss and then they changed positions. He was kissing Hannah and she was playing with Hannah’s firm tits. Hannah writhed and moaned. She had never before had two orgasms in a night.

The couple’s hands roamed down her tummy to her groin in unison. They explored her spread labia and probed the wetness there. After a few minutes of teasing, each stuck two fingers into Hannah. She screamed as her most sensitive flesh was being stretched wide. Hannah fought with all her might to stay sane in the wake of such an onslaught at her pussy. The fingers pumped in and out, one pair was going in as the other was going out. Hannah came, screaming, “Fuck!” at the top of her voice. The couple let her enjoy her orgasm before resuming the motion of their fingers, only now they penetrated her in tandem. “Fuck,” bellowed Hannah as she came again in under a minute.

The couple withdrew their fingers from her dripping pussy and kissed each side of the blonde’s face. They smoothed back her jaw length, straight, blonde hair with love and care. Hannah relaxed in their arms. The woman kissed her again, and Hannah gave in to the kiss. She felt the car rock a bit but didn’t care as her tongue wrestled with the women. The man then started to drag Hannah’s hips into his lap. Hannah broke the kiss and saw that the man had pulled down his pants and underwear and sat with his cock sticking straight up in the air. He was smaller than Andrew and Hannah found herself unable to resist being dragged atop the thing.


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