The Dare

By Gowan Bush.


Hardwick grabbed her hips and steadied her. He started working in and out of her, his hard, vibrating member making her squirm with a fast approaching orgasm. “Am I a better lover than your father, you whore,” he shouted the question at her.

She turned her face to look at the camera once more and shouted, at the top of her voice, “YES!” He swept her hair from her face and used it to point her face at the camera. She was yelping in preorgasmic delight almost continuously. He stopped penetrating her and held his hot, gloved meat deep inside her. She came with a banshee-like wail. Her skin flushed and her whole body rocked with the force of her orgasm. The cock inside her kept vibrating and she soon experienced a second rush of ecstasy, just after the first one finished.

By the time the spastic energizer bunny inside her cunt made her explode in orgasm for the third time, she had screamed her throat raw. Hardwick pulled out of her and let her drop to her knees. Energized by the ecstasy, she turned towards him and saw him peeling the condom off his hard cock. As he grasped her by the hair again and started to masturbate, she realized he hadn’t cum yet. She smiled for the camera and winked.

Hardwick came with a grunt and his seed flew all over her face in five big spurts. She smiled with her eyes closed and issued a murmur of delight. He wiped his cock clean on her cheek and tucked it away. “Eat my cum, cunt,” he ordered, breathlessly. She faced the camera and slowly wiped his seed from her face with a finger that she then thoroughly licked clean, all accompanied by her little moans of delight. When she was done, she smiled and winked at the camera again.

Hardwick removed a peg from the wall behind her and took the camera in his hand. “Turn around and face the hole in the wall,” he ordered. She looked at him in confusion but obeyed nonetheless. A hard cock stuck out into the booth. Her jaw dropped in surprise. “They watched your horny ass through the two-way mirror. Now, you’ll suck their cocks and let them cum all over your face for the camera.” Emily looked up at him in amazement. Being used as a cum slut by faceless strangers was a perfect revenge.

She grasped the hard meat and began to lick its tip. She engulfed the head and ran her tongue lovingly all over it. The camera was at her side, filming away, catching every slurp and moan. Two knocks were heard on the dry wood wall and Hardwick pulled Emily’s face off the cock. “Smile for the camera as you jack him off,” he instructed. “Smile for daddy, Emily!”

Emily looked at the camera’s lens and smiled a broad, satisfied smile as her dainty hand ran up and down the cock right in front of her face. It sprayed her in three quick spurts she caught across her cheek. She milked the cock with her hand and gave it a few licks to clean it, before releasing the stranger’s meat. She wiped the cum from her cheek and temple and fed it to herself. She moaned in delight.

Another cock, this one short and circumcised, popped out of the hole and Emily quickly assaulted it with her mouth and hand. She slurped away until she heard the two knocks on the wall. She let go of the hot meat and opened her mouth just as it started to unload its seed. She caught it all in her mouth or on her upper lip. She swallowed and stuck her tongue out for the camera to see. She fed herself her own cumstache.

“Say bye, bye to the camera, sweet thing,” directed Hardwick.

“Bye, bye,” she said with a wide smile and a little wave, and Hardwick stopped the camera.

He removed the tape and held it up for her to see. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I’ll only use this to torment your father. If anyone else sees this, it’ll be his doing.” He put the tape in his pocket. “I suppose this was a one-time thing, right? No chance of a follow-up visit?” Emily considered the offer for a moment, before shaking her head no. “Ah, well, good while it lasted,” he said amiably and left the booth.

Emily got dressed and picked up the camera. She replaced the peg in the wall and left the cabin. She looked around for the girls, but all she saw was a bunch of men ogling her with knowing looks. Her thirst for vengeance slaked, she realized that, even if she only brought two of them off, more had likely seen her show, and all had heard of it by now. She ran out of the store, the clerk’s call of “Come back anytime,” following her.

She jumped into Betty Buick’s back seat. Sarah, Hannah, and Alexis were in the front, Ashley and Samantha were in the back with her. They all peppered her with questions about her sanity. All of them had outraged tones of voice.

Emily waited for them to take a breath, before she said, “I’m a big girl and who I fuck, when and where is my business. Besides, if you’re so concerned with my well being, why were you out here and not in there?! Anyone could have walked in and continued to fuck me! I could have been gangbanged by those seedy fuckers in there and where were my girls to watch my back?”

The girls sat quietly for a few seconds, before Alexis spoke up, “We were scared, those men were looking us over like we were meat.”

“Whatever,” snorted Emily, “I got my fuck on. Thanks for the dare, Ashley. Let’s finish this game. I believe our dear, little Ashley is the last one up. Be careful with what you dare her, Sarah, you might be the one that does it in the end!”

Ashley wished Emily hadn’t said that. Any admonishment to be careful was like a red flag to a bull for Sarah and her horns were pointing at Ashley right now. Sarah turned around in her seat and gave an evil grin at Ashley. “Sarah,” said Ashley, quietly, “please.”

Sarah smiled wide. “Aw, look at you” she drawled, “lookin’ at me with those giant, brown eyes. You’re like a shivering, wet puppy when you’re like that. Who could possibly do anything to hurt or humiliate you.” Sarah’s words would have given Ashley some comfort, but for the sarcastic undertone in her voice. “Well, I could, for one!” Sarah laughed heartily like she had just made a great joke. She put a finger to her chin and stared at the roof of the car. “Hmm,” she stalled, “what would be a good dare for such an innocent like our Ashley? What indeed?”

Ashley hugged her sides nervously. She knew Sarah, the queen of impatience, well enough to know she had already decided things if she was putting on such a verbose act. She patiently waited. “Oh,” exclaimed Sarah, “I think I got it! Yes! Yes, I got it! Ashley, darling Ashley, I triple dog dare you to do a striptease and pole dance at the Tittie Licker and earn enough money to pay for our round of drinks there!”

The girls were no longer shocked by the sexual nature of their contest. Ashley’s mouth fell open at the challenge all the same. “Hang on,” said Emily, “that’s not a fair dare. The drinks in those kinds of clubs are ridiculously overpriced! Like, five times the normal rate and stuff! How much money she earns depends on the guys at the club. You have to give her a dare that is all up to her!”

Sarah coolly replied, “How much money a stripper earns, depends on the stripper. If darling Ashley dearest doesn’t think she can do it, I will. And I’ll get them to throw hundreds of dollars at me.” Sarah cackled.

“It’s all moot,” said Hannah with finality, “We would have to be 21 to drink and we’re 18-year-olds.”

“Drive us to the club,” said Sarah to Hannah, “My cousin works the bar and we’ll be served with a smile.”

“That’s if we’re allowed in, in the first place,” mumbled Alexis.

“Oh, we will be,” said Sarah with a mysterious smile, “We will be.”

Hannah gave the other girls a questioning look, and when they shrugged back at her, she started the car and drove them to the Tittie Licker, a seedy “gentlemen’s club”, just outside of town. The parking lot was almost full. “There’ll be plenty of guys in there,” Emily warned Ashley, “What if someone recognizes you?”

Ashley shrugged nonchalantly. If someone saw her strip naked and told her parents, they fucking deserved to hear it, at least in her book. To this day, she had no idea how much money her parents had or even earned. They told her they couldn’t afford to send her away to college, but Ashley wasn’t stupid. She could tell they had enough for it. They just didn’t want their baby girl to be off somewhere without them.

They forbade her from getting a job and gave her a tiny allowance each Monday. She tried to save up her money to buy a car, but if it hadn’t been for the girls and Betty Buick, that dream would never have come true either. She had to spend her teenage years on studying to get a full ride academic scholarship because it was the only way to get away from her parents’ suffocating grip. Now, less than a week away from freedom, she wanted more. She wanted to show everyone she was an adult. There was no better way than an adult dance at an adult club, in front of adults, now was there?

The bouncer at the door greeted Sarah with a nod and waved them all through. The club was almost completely full. They looked around the smoky interior and saw the men, mesmerized by dancers on the stage, throw their money at them, or hook it in their stockings. Sarah spotted an empty table near the back and led them there. Ashley could hardly peel her eyes from the girls on stage. They were so sexy. And there was so much money in their stockings!

The girls took their seats and Sarah slammed her hand on the table. “You guys guard the table,” she said to the girls, before turning to Ashley, “I’ll show you to the stage manager and then I’ll get us those drinks.” Sarah and Ashley left the table. The closer things were to becoming real, the more Ashley’s legs threatened to give out. Her insides were knotting up. Sarah led her by the arm to a tall, bald man and shouted something in his ear, but Ashley couldn’t make it out over the music. The man shouted back and nodded and Sarah lets go of Ashley and left her there.

The man looked Ashley over and opened a door. He waved her in. Ashley took a deep breath and walked through the door. As soon as he followed her in and closed the door behind them, the music became barely audible. “This way,” he said and led her past the dressing rooms full of naked and semi-naked girls. Ashley snuck a quick peek, but followed him into an office. He closed the door behind them and they were all alone in the quiet.

He walked around her and looked her over, critically. “Lose the shirt,” he said.

“Why,” she asked, reflexively.

“So I can see if you’re worth being let on stage, girl,” he answered her like she was stupid, “I can’t just let anyone off the street on the stage. You gotta be hot and you gotta be nasty to get on my stage. I got a reputation to protect, you know.”

It made sense, so Ashley unbuttoned her pink shirt and revealed her thin, white undershirt that outlined her bra. “Show me how big those are,” he said, meaning her breasts. She blushed as she took off her undershirt and then unhooked her bra. She shrugged out of it, not quite able to look into his eyes as she did that. She could hear him sigh. “Those are plenty big and perky, but you’re not nasty enough for my stage. Get dressed and get out.”

Ashley was stunned. Did he just compliment her or insult her? She looked in his eyes and practically shouted, “I am an adult! And I can be as nasty as I want!”

The man rolled his eyes and pointed at his door. “The door’s that way, little girl,” he said, redundantly.

Ashley suppressed a childish tantrum that she was feeling coming on and took a deep, calming breath. “Are you trying to say that your patrons wouldn’t like to see these,” she gestured at her big boobs, “shaking at their faces?” She gave her torso a quick, little shake to punctuate her question.

The man sat down at his desk and sighed before replying, “It’s not about your looks, sweetie, you’re prettier than most my girls. It’s about your attitude. No one likes a young girl that is hesitant and passive. It makes them uncomfortable. Most of the guys out there have daughters, probably your age, too. If I let you out there, acting like that, you’d scare them off as soon as their glasses were empty.”

“Well, how do I need to act,” she asked.

“If you have to ask,” he trailed off and pointed at the door as he picked up a clipboard. Ashley was confused and defensive up to that point, but now she was angry and insulted. Her ta-tas were out in the open and this guy wasn’t even looking at them. She wasn’t a little girl anymore and she was going to prove it. Drawing on the porn DVD she had all but memorized, she went over to stand between his knees.

She looked him in the eyes with a small smile and slowly sank to her knees before him. His eyebrows rose, but he made no comment as she undid his zipper and started fumbling around his underwear. He rose in his seat and pushed his pants and boxers down, freeing his hardening cock. Ashley’s mouth opened as she saw her first real life cock ever. It was smaller than the ones in the porno, so her fears of someday getting hurt by one were dismissed with a giggle.

“Hey,” shouted the man, reprimanding her.

She looked back into his eyes, porn star style, and purred, “Sorry. It’s pretty,” she bit back the word little, “big cock you got there.” She grasped his member with one hand and lowered her face into his lap. She closed her eyes as she wrapped her lips around it. It was soft and hot, but its inside was hard and pulsating slightly. It tasted unlike anything she had ever tasted before, but it was salty and reminded her of a fish steak she had once.

She acted like the porn stars in the movie did and began to stroke her hand up and down the shaft, while her tongue ran all over his head, particularly the very tip. She applied suction with her mouth and he starts to groan. She hazarded a look up at his face as he grabbed her hair with both hands. He pushed her head down his cock until it was touching the back of her throat. She started to gag on it and fought back the instinct to throw up. He kept pressing and his cock slipped past her mouth into her throat.

She fought back her stomach’s clenching as bile and donuts and coffee rose in her throat, blocking her air supply. She swallowed as best she could around the member in her throat, to keep her vomit from reaching it and her nose. She could hardly draw even the tiniest of breaths and her vision was starting to dim. He was groaning above her and his cock started to twitch inside her mouth and throat. After a while, he pulled out and Ashley swallowed hard before taking a deep, shuddering breath and inhaling a little of his cum and her vomit.

She coughed and retched, trying to put everything back in its place. He laughed. “You suck really well,” he complimented her, “Most beginner girls her would vomit all over my cock if I did that to them. It’s a hundred bucks to get on stage.”

When Ashley caught her breath, she stood up and angrily asked, “What do you mean a hundred bucks?! I just blew you!”

“Yes,” he agreed, softly, “that was your audition and you passed. Now you have to pay me a hundred dollars to get on stage. Every girl has to. It’s how we do business around here. You pay me a hundred and you get four turns on the pole this evening.” He gave her an easy smile before continuing, “Don’t worry, you’ll make three times that, easy!”

“I,” she hesitated, “I only want to do the one dance.”

“The price is four dances for a hundred bucks, and there’s no negotiating. You can do just the one dance, or two, or three, but it costs a hundred bucks to get on stage, no matter how much you dance.”

“But I blew you,” she exclaimed.

He gave an exasperated sigh. “What the hell is this,” he shouted at her, “Get the fuck out of my office and ask all the other girls if you think I’m trying to use you! It’s a hundred – no, fuck it! Get the hell out of my office, you dumb bitch!”

“No,” she exclaimed, “ No! Wait, please! I want to dance, I just, I don’t have the cash to pay for it.”

He seemed to calm down a bit and he took the time to look at her boobs again. Ashley gave him a small smile and shook them again. He barked out a laugh and shook his head. “Alright,” he said with a sigh, “You can pay me back after your first dance.” He stood up and took her by the elbow. “Let’s leave your clothes here, you’ll come back to get them when you pay me.”

He led her to the dressing rooms and introduced her to the only dressed and middle aged woman there. “This is Betty,” he told her, “She’ll help you pick out your costume and she can do alterations on the fly. You’ll also return your costume here to her after you’re done on stage.” Ashley, still topless, shook hands with the woman that casually eyed her figure.

He led Ashley past all the dressing and undressing girls and knocked on a door. A young, latino man opened it and popped his head in. “Josh, this is Ashley,” he introduced them, “She’s gonna dance tonight. Ashley, Josh is our DJ, you tell him what music you want, ok?” Ashley nodded and shook Josh’s offered hand. She noted he took the chance to ogle her boobs. It made her feel all tingly inside. Josh ducked back into his booth and the manager led her back to the corridor. He waived to a big, burly guy at the door and he came over.

“Ashley, this is Michael,” he introduced them, “Michael, this is Ashley, the new girl. She’s gonna be performing on credit tonight, so you don’t let her out unless I say so, alright?” Michael leered at Ashley’s boobs and nodded at the instructions. Ashley, suddenly desperate to keep everyone playing nice, extended her hand to Michael, who just ignored her and returned to his post by the backstage door.

“Come see me after you’re done,” said the manager and went into his office. Ashley was left there, staring at Michael as he was eating her up with his eyes. He was a scary looking individual, but his hard gaze made her feel hot inside and outside. Betty took her by the crook of her arm and led her back into the dressing rooms. “Don’t let Michael scare ya, kid,” she advised, “He’s a dear heart, and won’t hurt you. Now, what will your costume be?”

“Um,” Ashley floundered when it came down to details. “Schoolgirl,” she offered.

Betty nodded and said, “Yeah, you got the looks for it, but we had four schoolgirls up already tonight.” Her eyes lit up and she led Ashley to a dressing table. “How about this one,” she asked, holding up a costume.

Ashley’s mouth hung open as she took it all in. It was a pale pink nightie that was almost transparent. Under it was a pair of white stockings that would be cinched low on her thighs with giant, pink bows. The french-cut panties were powder blue. A powder blue, brief halter top, and pink, lacquered pumps completed the ensemble. Ashley shuddered in delight. This was reminiscent of the kind of infantile crap her parents made her wear around her house. It was, of course, far more revealing. To strip out of that on stage, what could be a perfect declaration of adulthood for her?

“Oh, I can see you like it,” said Betty, smiling. “We’ll tie your hair off in pigtails and do your make up like a china doll. It’ll be great. They’ll go nuts out there,” she said, meaning the patrons. Ashley nodded and tried to think of music and moves while Betty busied herself with preparations.

Twenty-five brief minutes later, Ashley was in costume, standing at the edge of the stage and watching the girl dancing right now. She ate up her moves and timing. She kept wiping her damp palms on her nightie. Josh had asked her for her music and she admitted she had no idea what she would dance to. She explained to him what kind of a dance she’d like to give and he took in her costume and quickly came up with a bubblegum-pop number that was dominated by a Betty-Boop type voice singing inane childish lyrics. She quickly agreed to it and he let her listen to it a few times on headphones.

“And now,” boomed Josh’s voice over the loudspeakers, “Please, put your arms together for the lovely and talented, and seriously, folks, give her a warm welcome, it’s her very first time on stage, it’s the young and sexy Emmanuelle!”


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