The Dare

By Gowan Bush.


A spotlight found Ashley as she stood on the edge of the stage, with her back turned to the patrons. A hush fell on the crowd as their brief applause died out. The music started and Ashley let it guide her through her dance. She approached the pole nervously. As soon as the spotlight stopped blinding her, she could see the men eating her up with their eyes. She laughed, realizing for the first time in her young life what it was like to be lusted after, and let go of all of her inhibitions. She was a grown woman now and she danced like a slut in heat, simply because she wanted to. Because it made her feel good.

Her skimpy clothing soon left her and she found herself skipping a pretend rope in time with the music, clad only in her stockings. Her breasts flew around like they had horny minds of their own and the money started raining down on her podium. She knelt down and crawled to the men lining her podium as Josh extended the music. As soon as a man stuck some cash in her stocking top, she turned her ass towards him and shook it in his face, letting him get a good look at her bare pussy and ass. A couple of them took sniffs of her privates, most spanked her and one actually managed to get a lick in. Ashley laughed their attentions off and crawled to the next patron, but she could feel herself dripping with arousal.

By the time the music finally finished, she was holding a big, crumpled-up wad of cash in one hand, and both of her stockings were full. Her breasts were heaving as she crouched down to pick up every last bill that was thrown on stage. The men were applauding her and crudely professing their love, or more often lust, for her. She blushed. They were making her seriously horny. A part of her wanted the men to rush up on stage and take her, right there and then. She felt a desire to be fucked and used for pleasure, the likes of which she never before even dreamed possible.

She ran off the stage, followed by a very big applause, and Josh introduced the next girl. Crossing the dressing rooms, Ashley dropped off her costume and went into the manager’s office. He said, “The crowd loves you.” He looked up from his papers and looked her over, flushed and breathing heavily with arousal. “Are you sure you don’t want to dance a second time? Or a third,” he asked with a smile.

“No,” she said, hoarsely, “I’m sure. I did my dance and I’m done.”

“Shame that princess,” he said, ogling her money, “You could make a lot more of that.”

“Speaking of money,” she said, holding up her fist full of cash, “I don’t have any to pay you with.” His smile vanished and his brow drew down. Ashley’s heart was beating like it was going to give out at any minute. She started to stuff her cash in the tops of her stockings, where the rest of it already was.

She had overheard a pair of girls in the dressing room talking, earlier. One complained how she had no money, but needed it for her kid’s medication. She said she promised to pay the manager back after her dance, but confided in her friend that she would rather “work it off” as she really needed the cash for her kid. The other made it very clear that a girl could always work it off in this club. Ashley braced herself mentally. With her newfound independence came the desire to be rid of her virginity, the last vestige of her childhood.

The manager calmly watched her stuff her cash next to her thighs. His eyes lingered on her heaving bosom, decorated with erect nipples and then asked, in a serious tone of voice, “Are you sure about that, little one?”

Ashley bristled at the appellation and glared daggers at him. “Fuck yeah, I’m sure,” she declared, “unless, you’re not man enough to do it!”

He got up and went to the door. He opened it and shouted, “Michael, get Josh and come in here, the both of you!” He closed the door and cleared some stuff from his desk to make room for her. He rapped his knuckles on the desk and nodded towards it. Ashley slowly sat on the spot. The door opened and in came Michael and Josh.

“Wassup, Jacob,” asked Josh of their manager.

“Well, boys,” said Jacob, “I let this little cutie on stage with the promise of her paying me afterward, but she says she’s got no money.” Michael and Josh immediately looked down, past her flushed boobs and naked pussy to the tops of her stockings. “She says she’ll work off her debt.”

The two men smiled knowing smiles. Josh said, “I got some time before I gots to go change the music!” Michael just nodded his agreement.

“Well, go on, then,” said Jacob to Josh.

Josh pulled out his cock and stepped to a suddenly nervous Ashley. He lifted her legs by the backs of her knees. “Lie back an’ think of England, yo,” he told her. As Ashley lay back, he hooked her knees over his elbows and she felt something hot press against her cunt. The head of Josh’s hardening cock parted her lips slowly and then began rubbing up and down. Ashley was panting in anticipation. This already felt much better than her poor pillow ever did, and she knew this was just the beginning. Josh started to push in, parting her flesh and Ashley moaned in pleasure.

Josh grabbed her boobs and began to feel them up and pinch her nipples. Each touch made her squirm in delight, sucking his meat deeper into her cunt. “Fuck, you is tight, girl,” he exclaimed. Ashley felt his hairy balls touch her ass and she knew she was fully penetrated. However, the dick inside of her kept splitting her wider and wider as its throbbing tip was pushing even deeper, despite Josh holding still. Places of pleasure she had no idea were hidden deep inside her, were all getting touched now.

“You’re growing,” she asked Josh.

“Hell yeah,” he smiled at her. He bent down to lick one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth, nibbling on it. He let it go and said, “I’m all the way hard now, girl!” He began to rock his body against hers. His cock kept rubbing up against all of her pussy’s inside and the sensations were incredibly good. Ashley started to squeal in pleasure as the pressure inside of her was mounting. She had masturbated to orgasm many times before, but those were like summer breezes to a hurricane, when compared to what her body was going through right now.

Josh reached over and began to maul her tits in time with his thrusts. He started gyrating his heaving hips and sparks of pleasure began to fly from her clit. Her whole body heaved in ecstasy as she was caught in the throes of her biggest orgasm yet. Her sweaty skin flushed as she screamed, “Yes! Fuck! Yes!”

Josh slammed all the way inside of her and held there. She could feel him squirt his hot seed inside of her cunt and she loved the feeling. After he was finished, the two of them shared a long, sleepy look, before he pulled out and put his cock away. He nodded at Ashley and left the room, still catching his breath. Michael, cock already out, immediately stepped in his place and picked Ashley up in his strong arms.

He flipped her over onto her stomach and began running his hands over her pale ass. His rough hands on her soft bottom made her squirm and rub her hard nipples harder into the desk under her tits. He lifted a hand and let it come down with a loud smack.

Ashley yelped and flinched. She craned her neck to look at Michael. “Naughty girl,” he said to her, grinning. “I’m gonna punish you with this,” he said as he held up his big, hard cock. Ashley’s mouth flew open at the sight of it. He used the hard meat to poke at her ass cheek a few times before he smiled an evil smile and aimed it at her cunt. He slammed himself into her in one thrust.

Ashley cried out in dismay. She felt like he was literally tearing her apart with the giant member. He laughed and pulled all the way out before slamming it all the way back in. He kept going in the same vein, picking up the pace. Ashley felt that Josh fucked way better and then she realized that Michael didn’t give a shit what she felt, this ramming was all about him and his pleasure. The realization calmed her down and she accepted the brutal, monotonous fucking. Her tits were squashed under her and her nipples sent messages of pain and pleasure to her brain. After a few minutes more, a grunting Michael slammed into her and stopped, his hot cock twitching inside of her in time with the rest of his body. She felt his seed fill her up and she sighed in relief.

Michael pulled out and put his cock away. He left the room without a word goodbye. Ashley closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of being fucked. Her pussy and tits were so sensitive, she couldn’t tell if they were transmitting pleasure or pain to her brain. Jacob got up and stood behind her. He kneaded her buttocks and she moaned in appreciation. Something hard and slimy pressed between her cheeks and brushed up against her asshole.

The fog of lust instantly cleared from Ashley’s mind as she realized he intended to fuck her ass. “No,” she exclaimed, “No! No, please! Not there! Please, don’t!”

He shushed her. “You owe me, girl,” he reminded. “Two fucks and one anal come up to a hundred.” He lowered his mouth to whisper in her ear. “And there’s no more backing out now, girl!” She shuddered at the moist breath in her ear. “Don’t worry,” he continued, “it’s a lubricated condom. Won’t be any problem for a slut like you.”

Ashley was scared. She wanted to scream for help and admit she was a virgin, admit she still is an anal virgin, but a part of her insisted she sees this through. A part of her admonished her, “Grown-ups have to deal with the consequences of their actions, Ashley!” She lay there on the table and groaned as his big cock started to press into her ass.

“Relax, girl,” he instructed her and she did. His cock popped into her ass and she yelped in pain. He held still, enjoying the tightness of her sphincter, and she slowly realized there was no pain involved. Sure, her ass felt really uncomfortable and she feared she might take a shit at any point, but it wasn’t the kind of burning agony she feared. Soon, Jacob started to thrust deeper into her and the lube made the cock glide effortlessly in and out of her ass. His thrusts resonated throughout her body, making her hear her heartbeat in her ears. When his balls started to slap her clit, she realized she was definitely enjoying herself.

Suddenly, Jacob picked up her torso and wrapped an arm around her tits to hold her up. His other hand snuck down lower and began to strum her clit. As he resumed his thrusts, his forearm rubbed against her nipples and the sensations were leading her inexorably to another orgasm. Jacob painfully tightened his grip across her tits and pinched her clit as he slammed into her and began cumming. Ashley went mad with pleasure and screamed out her second orgasm of the night.

She stood there in his arms and enjoyed the aftershocks, for a minute or so, until he pulled out of her without warning. Ashley panicked as she felt like she would definitely take a shit right there. She managed to hold it in, but she definitely needed to take a dump now. Jacob gave her tit a squeeze and let her go. He handed her a towel. “Wipe yourself off,” he instructed.

Ashley wiped herself off and stripped off her stockings, carefully gathering all of her money. Despite just having him in her bowels, she felt awkward and nervous that Jacob was watching her intently. She dressed in her clothes, seeing that Betty brought her skirt, hose, and panties to the office while she was on stage. She stood and faced Jacob. “Thanks for the best night of my life,” she said honestly if a bit hesitantly.

“You’re welcome to come back anytime, girl,” he responded with a smile.

“Toilet,” she inquired.

“Door across from mine,” he pointed. Ashley left the office and used the restroom. Afterward, she checked her appearance out in the large mirror and, satisfied she didn’t look freshly fucked, she left the toilet. Michael leered at her like she was still naked and Ashley quickly brushed past him to exit the backstage area. He gave her the heebie-jeebies, no matter what Betty had said.

Outside, in the main room, she found the girls and went over to their table. “Where, the fuck, were you so long,” shouted Sarah.

“I had to get into costume, and pick out music,” Ashley started listing her activities.

“No, no,” interrupted Emily, “We knew about that, we mean, where were you since you got off stage, it’s been more than a half an hour ago? We were about to bust down the door and come rescue you!”

“I had to take a shower,” lied Ashley. The girls nodded and accepted the explanation.

“Well,” prompted Sarah, “Go pay four our drinks and complete your triple dog dare!”

Ashley went over to the bar and settled their tab. She counted the cash she had left and it came up to just under a hundred bucks. She grinned and put it away. The girls left the club in a hurry after that, as a couple of the patrons recognized Ashley and started to ask for a private lap dance. They were drunk and pushy and the door bouncer went over to them as the girls were filing out past him. They got into Betty Buick and returned to Hannah’s house.

When they got there, Hannah distributed beers and the girls took a few swigs each before they retired to her room to vote on who gets Betty Buick. “Who votes first,” asked Alexis.

“Whoah,” exclaimed Emily, “We can’t vote in order, the last girls to vote can just rig the vote in their favor! We have to vote simultaneously.”

“Ok,” said Hannah, grabbing some paper and writing implements, “We’ll do it voting style-”

“No,” Emily interrupted her, “Can’t do that either! If we have, like, a secret vote, we can vote for ourselves, which is, totally, against the rules, and, even if we don’t, the losers can pick a fight and say that the winner did!”

“Well, then,” shrugged Hannah, “How do we vote?”

“Maybe if we each write our votes down,” suggested Alexis, “And show them at the same time?”

“Yeah,” agreed Hannah, “That way we don’t, like, know who’s voted for who until we have voted too! And we can all see who’s, like, holding what vote, so we know no one’s voting for themselves.”

The girls all agreed and took a pen and piece of paper and split up to write down their votes.

Sarah mulled over who to vote for. She expected to win, as it was her idea to play this game and she did her dare in the bravest of ways. She finally decided to vote for Samantha, confident no one else would. She felt her victory was assured.

Hannah tapped the pen against her chin and realized she had to vote for Ashley. She did a spectacularly sexy dance and, unlike most of them this night, she didn’t get fucked, she merely teased. Hannah saw that as a win and penned Ashley’s name down.

Samantha didn’t care for the game anymore and she certainly had no use for Betty Buick in her future life as a streetwalker. She would literally walk the dark alleys between bouts of kneeling. The thought made her breathing hitch in arousal. She penned down Alexis’s name, out of gratitude for sending her off to her fate.

Alexis was repeatedly shocked with what the girls did that night, and her own behavior was a bit unsettling for her. She decided to write down Samantha’s name, partly because she turned out to have had the most chaste dare, but mostly because she did feel a bit guilty for sending her off down a dangerous street like that.

Emily didn’t really care about Betty Buick. She rued the day she joined the car-sharing gang, as her driving prompted her adopted dad to take her as his lover and then break her heart like he did this night. She wrote down Ashley’s name in gratitude she sent her to the sex shop where she had her ideal revenge.

Ashley was still trying to process all that had happened to her that night. She had danced naked in front of strangers, and been thoroughly deflowered in every which way possible. It made her reevaluate all that she knew. When the other girls declared their votes cast, she called out for more time and hastily wrote down Hannah’s name. She envied the girl’s threeway earlier tonight and decided that she wanted one as soon as she arrived on campus.

The girls stood in a circle and revealed their votes. “Fuck,” exclaimed Sarah, as she realized she lost without a vote.

“Yeah,” said Hannah, not catching her meaning, “Ashley and Samantha have to do a triple dog dare-off.”

“Ay, caramba,” sighed Alexis in exasperation, “And we’ve all got to watch them do it and vote. Argh! Will this night never end!”

The End.


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