The Dare

By Gowan Bush.


The man slowly lowered her on his erection and Hannah hissed and moaned all the way. “Oh, god, honey,” hissed the man, “She’s so fucking tight!” Her battered pussy was so raw, the hot meat penetrating her felt like it was doing some damage. Her weight finally settled in the man’s lap, his cock filling her up. The woman pushed Hannah to lean forward and put one hand on her clit and the other between Hannah’s ass cheeks. Before Hannah could draw breath to complain, the woman pressed her finger, lubricated with Hannah’s own cum, into her asshole. Hannah wailed in denial and fright. “Oh, yeah,” drawled the man in delight. With the woman’s help, he started pushing Hannah’s body up and down his shaft, delighting in her high-pitched grunts.

Over in Betty Buick, the girls were watching with baited breath as the other car’s windows fogged over and it began to rock in rhythm. “Oh, my, Gawd,” exclaimed an amused Sarah, “They’re fucking raping her over there!” She laughed out loud.

The other girls chorused their dismay and amused disbelief, but Samantha only smiled.

Hannah was hugging the headrest of the front seat in a vain effort to get off the man’s cock, but the couple was relentless in using her tight pussy to get the man off. The finger in Hannah’s ass was soon joined by another and the additional violation pushed her over the edge into the oblivion of her fourth orgasm that evening. The man slammed her all the way down and held her there as her pussy clenched around his meat the same way her body shuddered in his strong arms. By the time her orgasm was over, she felt the man tense up and shoot his load inside her.

Hannah was too exhausted to worry about unwanted pregnancy or STDs. She just sighed and relaxed as the man filled her up. She concentrated on catching her breath. Finally, she could feel the man’s cock softening and he lifted her off his lap and arranged her next to him so the woman could have clear access to Hannah’s pussy. Hannah was one limp puppet in his arms. The woman planted wet kisses down Hannah’s tummy, bypassing the bunched up skirt and dove into her pussy with zeal. Hannah’s pussy was so abused by now that she could not enjoy another orgasm. That didn’t stop the woman from noisily slurping about and sucking all of the man’s seed from Hannah.

When she was done, she smacked her lips lewdly and smiled at Hannah. Hannah saw, through half-lidded eyes, on the dashboard clock, that her time in the car was up and that gave her the strength to ask to be let out. “May I please go now,” she asked, sounding like a little girl that has had enough of her punishment.

The man’s cock was rock hard again and he placed one of Hannah’s hands on it. “Are you sure about that, sexy thing,” he asked.

Hannah nodded. “Yeah, I, I,” she stammered in embarrassment, “I can’t anymore. I’m tired and sore. I loved this, I really did, but I gotta go now. Please?”

The woman gave her a gentle kiss. “Ok, sweetie,” she said, “let’s get you dressed and then you can go.” The man gave a sigh of disappointment but didn’t interfere with the woman retrieving and reapplying Hannah’s wardrobe.

He gave her tits one last squeeze and asked, “What’s your name, girl?”

Hannah didn’t want to give her real name. She couldn’t give Samantha’s name, they probably knew her. She was stumped for a moment but quickly came up with an answer. “Sarah Roberts and I thank you both for a great time,” she said with a grin.

The man planted a tender kiss on her lips and said, “Well, Sarah, any time you wanna come back for more, you’re more than welcome.”

Hannah was finally let out of the car and she walked on wobbly legs back to Betty Buick. The car behind her started rocking again. She got in the back seat and slammed the door behind her. “Please don’t talk,” she begged the girls as she lay back in the seat. They looked at each other as they could smell all the sex juices on their friend.

“Hannah,” said Ashley softly, “are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Just don’t ask me anything. I did the dare, let’s move on.” She closed her eyes and hugged her arms to herself.

“Do you want us to, like, call the police or something,” asked Alexis.

“No,” shouted Hannah, jumping up in her seat before calming down. “No! No police! Let’s just go and get on with our game, shall we?”

“But, Hannah,” said Emily, before Hannah interrupted her.

“No buts,” insisted Hannah. “No ifs, no buts, and no coconuts, either! I was triple dog dared to sit in a car for an hour and sit in a car I did! End of story!” The girls stared at her in disbelief. Hannah was embarrassed beyond belief that her friends knew she had a three-way with a pair of strangers. If they started telling people, if anyone found out about it, she would die of mortification. “End of fucking story!”

The girls exchanged awkward looks. Sarah finally spoke up with a smile, “Ok, that means that Samantha is up. Samantha, pick someone to dare you!”

Samantha looked at the four girls still in the game. She knew, without a doubt in her mind, that she would do the dare she was given, no matter how lewd, or dangerous, or illegal it was. Still, she had no intention of letting Sarah dictate her humiliation. Emily was a polite girl, but the redhead was a cynic, prone to really dark moods, so Samantha discounted her too. In the back seat, Hannah was done. Ashley was a nice girl, but her parents infantilized her to a fault and Samantha always felt like Ashley would break very, very bad when she got the chance. Alexis was also a nice girl, but she was raised in a strict catholic home, and that might result in some pent-up aggression, too. Samantha did a lot of internal deliberation on which of the two brunettes would supplant her will this evening, and finally, her chickenshit nature prevailed. “Alexis,” she said, after much prompting to hurry up, “dare me.” The stocky, but voluptuous latina was a good catholic girl and Samantha thought her the safer choice.

“Bueno,” said Alexis with a wide smile. “Switch places with me, Sarah, I’m driving us to my dare.” The two girls got out of the car and changed places. Betty Buick took off downtown, leaving the other car to creak and rock in the front yard.

Alexis drove them to an intersection and parked. “Bueno,” said Alexis. “Samantha, I triple dog dare you to strip naked, put on my clothes, without underwear,” stressed Alexis, “and walk down Cedar Avenue, and meet us at the donut shop I worked in.” Samantha took in the instructions and nodded.

Emily saw the nod and objected, “Whoah! At this time of night, Cedar is a fucking hangout for prostitutes! If she walks down that street wearing your small clothes, she is going to get, like, fucking propositioned and shit!”

Alexis calmly pointed down Cedar and said, “Up until a week ago, I worked there.” She pointed in the opposite direction before continuing, “For a week more, I live over there. I walked Cedar after dark, every other Saturday, for three years now. She’ll be fine.”

Samantha said nothing and got out of the car. Alexis joined her on the sidewalk and the two of them managed to undress Samantha and fit her into Alexis’s clothes without exposing her to any passing car. Alexis, wearing Samantha’s sweater and jeans, sleeves and pant legs rolled up many times, sat back in the car and handed Emily Samantha’s white undergarments for safe keeping. She lowered her window and told Samantha, “Be safe, chica, and take photos of yourself walking across every intersection!”

Alexis started the engine and off they went to her former place of employment. Samantha turned on her heels, her sneakers and socks being the only pieces of her actual wardrobe now. She looked down Cedar in apprehension. Abandoned warehouses and empty storefronts lined the street. There were almost no cars parked in the street, and most of the streetlights didn’t work. Samantha took a single, apprehensive breath and slowly let it out. She already knew she would do it, why was she nervous?

She started walking down the street. It was only six blocks. Fifteen minutes tops. The short tennis skirt hung so low on Samantha’s hips, the top of her ass crack was visible. Alexis had tightened it as much as it could be, but still, Samantha’s pubes were threatening to pop up and say hi. Alexis didn’t give Samantha her cardigan, so Samantha was walking in just a short halter top with spaghetti straps. The top barely came down over her nipples, so the lower halves of her boobs were on open display. So much of her body was on display that Samantha thought she would be less undressed if she was wearing just a bra and panties.

Samantha crossed the first intersection and took a picture of herself doing it. She could make out the prostitutes now. They regarded her with suspicion as she walked past, down the middle of the street. Their dead eyes sent a familiar shiver down her spine to her pussy. They were slaves. They existed solely to bring off the many faceless men that they were being rented out to. The cocks were their masters. The cocks were their reasons for being. The big, scary part of Samantha, that her upbringing conditioned her to suppress, sang out in envy. A dark part of Samantha’s soul wanted to be owned, brought down to her knees in submission and used in filthy ways. Fear kept her from realizing those forbidden desires. Not the fear of strangers using her, or hurting her, but the fear of thoroughly enjoying that abuse and the dreaded suspicion she would be irreversibly changed if she ever indulged in such debasement. Only if she kept herself pure and proper, could she hope to someday be rid of these compulsions?

She took another photo of herself. Her strong, muscular legs carried her tall frame very quickly. Her juices were dripping down her thighs and her nipples were painfully erect. She noted some of the prostitutes were on the phone themselves. She slowed down some as she saw a pretty young thing on her knees, next to a dumpster, sucking a man off. He leered at Samantha and waved her over. Samantha responded by hurrying along down the street. At the third intersection, she took another photo of herself.

Just past the intersection, a car suddenly pulled up alongside her and stopped. Two men, one white and one black, jumped out and accosted her. “What have we here,” asked the black man, looking up at Samantha’s face. Samantha kept her eyes to the ground as she blushed in excitement. These men could do anything to her. The prostitutes wouldn’t help her in any way. Without warning, he put his hands on her breasts and felt them up.

The white man got behind her and reached under her skirt. Samantha stood still, despite the pleasure coursing through her at such insolent groping. “Holy fuck, man,” he exclaimed, “She’s gushing wet! She’s not wearing a wire, an underwire, or any kind of underwear!”

The black man lifted her meager top above her breasts and scanned her eyes for any kind of reaction. “Pray tell,” asked the black man, “what is a tall drink of cocksucker, like you, doing walking down a street like this, wearing so little on a night such as this one?”

Meanwhile, the white man kept stroking her pussy lips with one hand and took her phone with the other and looked through her photos. “She only took pictures of herself,” he said to his colleague.

“Hmmm,” intoned the black man, “Trying to prove something to yourself, are we?” He lifted Samantha’s face by her chin until she finally looked him in the eye. He seemed to like what he saw in them because he smiled. “Oooooh, guess what we got here, Ryan! We got ourselves a slut!”

Ryan set her phone on the hood of the car and used both his hands to knead her ass like it was his property. Samantha shuddered in joy and spread her legs a bit. Ryan stood on tiptoes to whisper in her ear, “I love sluts!”

“Who doesn’t,” asked the black man rhetorically. He pulled Samantha out of Ryan’s hands and sat her down on the hood. The metal felt hot under her bare ass. He spread her thighs and propped her feet up on the bumper. He looked her pussy over. “You’ll have to shave that bush clean off, girl. Customers won’t like it.” He groped her legs like she was a piece of cattle at a market and she squirmed in delight. A small moan escaped her lips, much to his amusement. He opened his zipper and took out his already hard cock. He aimed it at Samantha’s pussy and pressed in.

The touch felt electric, her whole body galvanized. A small voice in her head told her to run, to scream for help, to do anything, because, if she got deflowered by a pair of pimps on the hood of a car in prostitute lane, she would never be the same again. Samantha sighed with a smile as the black man shoved his meat inside her. His flesh cleaving hers was unprecedented for her, she thought she was being reborn with every inch of penetration.

“Man,” said the black man, “She’s so wet but so fucking tight!” He grunted as he put all his weight behind the thrust and yelled in triumph as he hilted himself inside her.

Samantha looked at him in adoration. This man now owned her, body and soul. He started pulling out and she whimpered at the loss. He quickly reversed himself and penetrated her again. Out and in again he went, faster and faster. Samantha wanted this to last forever, she wanted him to slow down and be in her longer, but she also wanted him to speed up and hump her like a man possessed. He made the choice for her and began picking up the pace. His cock drove her to ecstasy, but, before she got there, he stuffed all of his meat in her and tensed. He squirted his seed inside her with a series of grunts.

Samantha was ecstatic that she finally got a man to fuck her, she didn’t care she didn’t get the vaunted orgasm. All that mattered to her was that she was finally someone’s. Even if she had yet to learn his name. The black man pulled out his limp dick and leaned against the car. Ryan stepped up in his place. Samantha looked from his face to his dick and noted it was even wider than the black men. He put it next to her entrance and pushed in.

Samantha let out a small scream as her sensitive pussy was being stretched for the second time. Ryan pushed relentlessly until he was all the way inside her. It felt painful, and Samantha loved it. He gave her a few seconds to adjust and then he started to work himself in and out of her. His big balls slapped her ass on every stroke that ended in a flash of pain for her. Samantha raised her head up and looked him in the eye. He looked at her like she didn’t matter like she was just an interchangeable piece of anatomy. The black man was on the phone, ignoring them. She let her head drop and closed her eyes. She was finally being used. When Ryan rammed himself inside her and busted his nut, she climaxed noisily and messily. Her powerful legs thrashed all about and her whole body shook in ecstasy.

Ryan pulled out of her and took his phone out of his pocket. “Pull your pussy open,” he ordered her. She reached down and complied. She could feel all of their sex juices sliding over her fingers. “Yeah, you gonna be a good earner, kid!” He aimed his phone at her and said, “Smile!” She did and he snapped a photo. “Alright, again,” he said and took another photo of her, smiling as she is sitting on the hood of a car, holding her freshly fucked pussy open for the camera to see.

“We gotta go,” said the black man to Ryan. Ryan put away his phone and zipped up. “What’s your name,” the black man asked of her.

“Samantha William’s,” she replied.

“Well, Samantha William’s,” he said, holding up her phone, “I got your name and your number. Tomorrow at noon, you’re gonna be at this corner here and we’ll come pick you up and take you away for some training and education. If you don’t show, or if you’re late, we’re going to find all of your family and friends and people you work with, and we’ll show these photos to everyone. You got that?”

She nodded eagerly and took back her phone when he gave it to her. “You be a good little slut,” he continued, “and you show up here at high noon. Now go!” Samantha nodded with a smile and got off the hood. They drove off and she stared at them longingly. She ran the rest of the way to the donut shop, stopping only to photograph herself at the intersections. She smiled and her heart sang out in joy. She didn’t care Alexis’s short skirt was flapping up to display her to anyone who looked her way. She was owned now, and soon, she will be put to filthy work.

Outside the donut shop, she stopped and caught her breath. She entered and spotted the girls. They were sitting at a corner booth and dunking their donuts into Kahlua strengthened coffee. She dropped her phone on the table and said, “Could I have my clothes, now?” Alexis took one look at the pictures and then followed Samantha to the bathroom. The two of them exchanged clothes and Samantha put her underwear back on. If Alexis could smell the fucking on Samantha, she said nothing. Samantha didn’t care either way. She could barely stop herself from giggling all the time.

When they rejoined the girls at the booth, a silence was thick in the air. All eyes were turned to Alexis in an accusatory manner. Emily was the first to speak up, “So, Alexis, we were just thinking that Samantha had such a lame ass dare. I mean, walking a mile is no big thing, right?”

Alexis looked a bit nonplussed and then said, “Right, right. A piece of cake.”

Sarah asked her, “How often do you do that same walk?”

“Oh,” Alexis waved dismissively, “like, every day of the week that I don’t have Betty Buick.”

“Bullshit,” spat Hannah venomously. “We talked to your former colleagues, and guess what they just told us! Go on, guess!” Alexis sat back with a busted face but remained quiet. “I mean, they only just told us that you, like, never, ever walked down Cedar Avenue in your life. Like, not even in the daytime!”

Sarah picked up the accusations, “Yeah, you are well known for mooching rides home and walking, like, in a circle around the entire neighborhood! You sent Samantha down a dangerous street and lied that it’s safe. You even lied that you did it regularly! She could have said no and your punk ass would have lost!”

“She didn’t say no,” insisted Alexis, “She did it and she’s fine! Look at her! None of you know what it’s like to have to walk miles out of your way here and there almost every fucking day, so don’t you judge me! I’m done with that shit! I’m getting Betty Buick, cause I deserve it! Cause I was the girl most denied a ride in this group! Now stop this noise! Emily, give me a dare!”

Emily sat there, fuming quietly, and was surprised to hear Alexis pick her. She hated the bitch for sending Samantha off into real danger like that. “A friend that didn’t keep their friends safe, was no longer a friend,” she thought to herself, “and someone who is not a friend is someone whom I no longer have to shield.” In an instant, dutch courage helped Emily decide her course of action. She was going to share her inner darkness with Alexis. She was done with playing normal and keeping secrets. She cleared her throat and spoke to Alexis, “Alexis, I triple dog dare you to walk into my den, buck naked, and model for my father and ask him if you’re a pretty little girl and not stop, or leave until you get an answer.”

The girls stared at Emily in open-mouthed shock. “Que,” asked Alexis in bewilderment.

“You heard me the first time,” said Emily, smugly. “And this is a dare that I will do, gladly. So let’s see you put your bare ass where you put Samantha’s. Let’s see just how much you need that car. You have been dared, girlie!” Emily giggled maniacally.

“My goodness, Emily,” exclaimed Ashley, “You walk in front of your father, completely undressed, and ask him such things?”

Sarah snorted a laugh before saying, “I’d model naked for Mr. Wood. Gladly. Your dad’s hot, dude! He’s got that whole Clooney vibe goin’ on, ya know?”

Emily smiled a vacant smile at Sarah’s comment and addressed Alexis, “My dad’s going to see a naked girl twirl in his den this night, Alexis. You pick if it’s me or you.”


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