Michelle Comes Of Age

By Gowan Bush.


I moaned loudly as Amy’s mouth and fingers brought me so much pleasure. She was right! I was about to ask her to marry me!

Then she slid her finger out of me and raised her head. I was just looking up to ask her why she stopped when she jammed her dildo up inside me.

“Oh god,” I grunted in such a guttural tone that they could have used it in The Exorcist. “Oh fuck, Amy no!” I whimpered.

“Shh, shh,” she placed her other hand on my head and caressed it slowly, while she continued to push her dildo up inside me. “It’ll feel better in a few moments.”

I couldn’t believe there was any chance in hell of that. But it did happen. A few moments later my whole body relaxed down onto Amy’s bed and she was able to freely move the dildo in and out of my pussy.

I felt my whole body quiver with passion as Amy finally slid the dildo out of my pussy. I lay there for a moment, catching my breath, and I put a hand to my forehead.

While I was still trying to catch my breath, I felt Amy ease up beside me. “I now pronounce you wife and wife?” she giggled at me.

“Pretty close,” I exhaled heavily.

“C’mon,” she sprang up off the bed. “Let’s go join my dad in the pool.”


I stood in front of the mirror, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. If the bikini Amy was wearing was ‘revealing’ – and it was! – the one she’d given me could be best described as ‘just enough material to cover the naughty parts and only one percent more’.

“Oh Amy,” I exhaled heavily. “I can’t wear this. Not in front of your dad/”

“Don’t worry about it,” she giggled. She then stood up and turned to face me. “Trust me, when you see what he’s wearing? You’ll feel overdressed.”

WOW! Amy wasn’t kidding! When we got outside, Mr. Hardcock was just finishing up his last lap in the pool, and I swear, for an instant, I thought he was actually nude!

As he climbed out of the pool though, I saw that wasn’t the case. But what he wore left NOTHING to the imagination! Amy was right – I did feel overdressed.

“Try not to stare too much,” she giggled from beside me.

I quickly averted my gaze and followed Amy’s lead. I lay the towel she’d given me over a chair on their deck.

“Oh girls, the water is wonderful,” Mr. Hardcock said as he toweled himself off and moved towards us. “I’m going to go in and get dinner started. Michelle,” he made eye-contact with me. “It’s nice to meet you face to face.”

“Likewise,” I grinned nervously.

“Do you like salmon?” he asked as he worked the towel over his back.

“Oh yes,” I replied with a smile. DAMMIT! My eyes dropped down to his crotch. “Very much,” I finished as I got my gaze back to his eyes.

“Okay great,” he nodded at me. “You girls enjoy your swim.” Then he headed inside.

After he left us, Amy got up and headed for the pool. “Problem?” she giggled

“No,” I shook my head. I clasped my hands beneath my chin in one of my favorite ‘debate club’ moves. That was something I did when I was about to drive someone’s argument into the ground – but that wasn’t the case here. “Never mind,” I smiled at her as I got into the pool. “By the way, I’d just like to thank you for today. I really appreciate it.”

She winked at me as she treads water in the deep end. “Don’t mention it.”


When I got home – and after enduring the third degree from my mother about not being home for dinner, and not calling – I was up in the bathroom lounging in the tub. I recalled with fondness how my afternoon had gone.

Amy, with her wonderful touches and soft mouth! Mr. Hardcock with his warmth, kindness, good looks AND great package!

I sighed heavily. Part of me wanted to get myself off – properly now that Amy had shown me.


I didn’t sleep well at all that night. My mind kept racing through thoughts of Amy and her dad. Even though I didn’t sleep well, I did get myself off four or five times. That was something else I needed to thank Amy for – now I was doing it properly.

The following day at school was just a blur. I could hardly concentrate on any of my work, and at lunch, I didn’t even bother going to play chess. I just wandered off to spend some time alone with my thoughts.

“Hey there,” Amy called out to me as the last classes of the day ended. “I haven’t seen you all day! I was worried you bailed or something.”

“No,” I replied with a weak smile. “Just doing my usual thing.”

“Okay,” she said with a shrug. “So we’re off to the mall, right?”

“Yeah,” I took a deep breath. “Looking forward to it.”

As we walked along after leaving school, Amy gave me a playful nudge. “What’s up? You seem awfully pensive.”

I chuckled. “Someone’s been paying attention in English class.”

“Smart ass,” she giggled as she gave me a light swat with her hand. “So what’s up?”

A heavy sigh escaped me. “Just,” I shrugged. “It’s just been a lot for me to process.”

She looked confused for a moment, then she nodded in understanding. “Ah, I got ya.”

I was really hoping she did understand because I didn’t really want to put into words what was going on in my head. Hell, I don’t even think I HAD the words.

Fortunately, Amy did get what I was talking about. “You’re thinking about yesterday, right?”

“Bingo,” I replied with a nod.

“Just so you know,” she leaned in closer to me. “It doesn’t make you a lesbian or anything.”

‘Really?” I laughed. Honestly, my reaction took me a bit by surprise. “I have the best orgasm of my life when a girl is eating me out and THAT doesn’t make me gay?”

“Hell no,” she was very assured in her tone. “I was the one eating pussy, and I don’t think I’m gay. Fuck,” she chuckled. “I don’t even think I’m bi!”

I was really confused and the look on my face told Amy exactly that.

“Listen,” she stopped walking and put her hands on my shoulders. “You had a great orgasm, but it wasn’t because it was a girl going down on you. You had a great orgasm because someone who knew what they were doing was going down on you.”

“Okay,” I was still lost.

“As for me?” she shrugged. “Yeah, I enjoy it. But I still love me some cock,” she finished with a giggle.


My afternoon at the mall had been very transformative. I had bought myself a whole bunch of new clothes – short skirts, revealing shorts, yoga pants, and tight tops – and was even wearing some of it for the new haircut that Amy sprang for.

When I saw my reflection in the mirror I couldn’t believe how different I looked!

Amy invited me over to her place for dinner, but I politely declined, saying I wanted to get all my new stuff home. She was okay with that and then we made plans for me to go over the next day – Friday – after school for a swim and dinner.

After I got home, my mother was all over me like a fly on shit.

“Aw mom,” I groaned. “I just wanted to try a new look. What’s the harm?”

“In the first place, young lady,” she said in a domineering tone. “It’s all very sudden. Plus I don’t like the idea of you going through your savings just for some clothes and a new haircut!”

“I didn’t go through my savings,” I said with just the slightest trace of sarcasm in my voice. “I spent some money on new clothes. And I told you, Amy paid for my hair.”

“That’s another thing,” she spat at me. “Who is this ‘Amy’? Why am I only hearing of her now?”

“Amy is a friend of mine from school,” I said defiantly. “And I wasn’t aware that you needed a dossier of everyone I associate with.”

I swear she was THIS close to slapping me across the mouth, but fortunately, my dad walked through the front door.

“Uh oh,” he said hesitantly as he loosened his tie and approached us in the kitchen. “What’s going on?”

“Your daughter has decided to start copping an attitude,” my mom practically snarled at him.

“Oh is she?” Dad’s sarcasm was thick. He looked at me and did a double-take. “Have you done something different with your hair?”

“Yeah,” I said feeling a smile cross my lips and my mood lightens, even though mom was still glaring at me. “My friend Amy sprang for it. And I picked up some new clothes too.”

“Well you look very pretty,” he replied with an assuring nod.

“Thanks,” I beamed a smile at him.

“And you’re completely fine with this?” Mom piped in.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Dad shrugged as he turned to the dining room and approached the wine rack.

“Your daughter comes home looking like a trollop and you don’t have any issues with that?”

“Fuck, Sophie,” Dad snapped at her. “Tone it down, will you? She looks fine!”

Mom just huffed and stomped off upstairs.

“Don’t worry about her,” Dad chuckled at me as he opened up a bottle of malbec and poured himself a glass. “Just keep your grades up and stay out of trouble and she’ll be back to her usual miserable self in no time.”

I laughed. “Thanks, Dad.”


The next day I donned my new spaghetti-string tank top and yoga pants and was getting ready to head off to school. I didn’t bother telling my folks that I wouldn’t be home for dinner. Although Dad would’ve been fine with it, Mom probably would’ve been apoplectic. So, I just left a note and headed off.

Man! The looks and double-takes I was getting were off the charts! While everyone was shocked at my new look, more than a handful were also very approving of how I appeared, especially the boys.

During a class switch between periods, I was walking down the hall when I saw my old chess buddy Luke walking in the opposite direction with some friends. I smiled at him and was a bit surprised when he didn’t even seem to notice me.

“Hey snob,” I called out playfully. “What the hell?”

He stopped and did a double-take as he looked at me. “Holy shit! Michelle? God, I didn’t even recognize you!”

“Well, you’re not the only one who can try a new look,” I chuckled.

“I guess not,” he laughed back as he gave me a once over – twice. “You look very nice.”

“Thanks,” I smiled at him. “Well. See ya around.”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “See ya.”

I made my way to my next class feeling wonderful. This new look suited me.


After school, I went over to Amy’s place, and we were up in her room about to change into our bikinis.

“I’m glad you finally got over yesterday,” she smiled. “I really didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“I don’t anymore and I was thinking about that,” I said with a sly grin. “I should return the favor.”

“I like the way you think!” she gave my nose a playful touch with her finger. She moved to the bed and pulled off her short skirt. Like me, she was going commando.

Feeling a rush of courage that I’d never felt before I strode up to Amy and ran my hands over her shoulders and down to her tits. I cupped them both with my hands and caressed them softly.

“You may be jealous of my ass,” I whispered to her. “But every girl at school is jealous of these great tits,” I leaned and kissed her softly on the lips.

She smiled at me and moaned after our lips parted. “Why Michelle,” she giggled softly. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“No,” I said with a grin as I ran one hand around her back and traced my fingers down her backside. “I just want to eat your pussy.”

WOW!!! Just a week prior I couldn’t have even imagined myself THINKING anything like that – let alone SAYING it! I was loving the new me.

I leaned in and kissed Amy again – more deeply this time and our tongues intertwined. I continued to knead softly at her tits with one hand, while with the other I cupped, pawed and traced my fingers all over her ass cheeks.

I felt my pussy tingling like mad. With our lips still locked, Amy reached her hand up and pulled my hand away from her tits and guided it down to her pussy. She pushed my hand against her bald twat and moaned into my mouth as I began to trace my fingers over her already moist slit.

I had just eased a finger up inside of her when she broke our kiss. She placed a hand gently on the side of my face. Then she smiled at me and licked her lips. She moved away from my touch and eased herself down onto the bed, and she beckoned me to her with her finger.

“Now, I should let you know,” she purred to me as she eased herself back onto the bed and spread her legs. “I am quite demanding.”

I dug my teeth into my lower lip as I looked down at her as she beckoned me towards her. I pulled off my top and bra and tossed them to the floor and then crawled onto the bed to join her.

When I slid up between her legs, I froze for a second. I stared at her pussy for a moment, wondering if I actually was going to go through with this. A moment later, when I glanced up and saw her smiling and inviting face, I was all in!

I eased myself up a bit and brought my face right up against her pussy. GOD! I could feel the heat emanating from it! I trembled slightly but then recalled what Amy had told me – she knew what she was doing when she ate my pussy. So I thought – I know what to do now — so get to it!

Still trembling ever so slightly, I wrapped my arms around Amy’s shapely thighs. I moved my mouth towards her pussy and licked up and down her already moist slit.

She moaned her approval. So far so good, I thought. The truth of the matter was this was getting me all kinds of hot! It didn’t feel weird to me at all – having my tongue on another girl’s pussy – and the fact that my pussy was churning to life was proof of that!

I darted my tongue in between her lips and tasted her. It was SO vivid and wild! She hadn’t cum yet, but the moistness that was there tasted wonderful to me. I continued to slide my tongue up and down, and in and out of her.

For someone who said she was demanding, Amy was remarkably accepting of my efforts. Maybe that was because it was my first time. Still, she writhed and moaned with pleasure underneath me.

“Give my clit some attention, bitch!” she suddenly hissed at me.

Okay. That was demanding. I didn’t protest though and worked my tongue slowly up to her clit. After her tutorial from a few days prior, I knew fast and furious wasn’t the way to do things, so I intentionally went slow and purposeful.

I unhooked one my arms as I pulled my face away from her pussy for a moment. I glanced lovingly at her as I moved my hand up and gently pressed my index finger against her clit. Then I dove in and worked my tongue over her lips and back inside her pussy.

“Oh shit!” she hissed loudly.

I felt her cum on my tongue and resisted the urge to pull away. Instead, I stayed where I was and lapped it up. Oh my god! It was so slick and gooey, and it tasted wonderful!

We both moaned in unison.

Amy arched her back as the orgasm finished. She reached her hands down and ran her fingers through my hair. “Fuck, fuck,” she groaned. “Get that wonderful tongue onto my clit. PLEASE!”

I felt myself grin with pride. I removed my finger from her clit and slid my tongue up along her pussy lips before swirling it around her clit. That drove her wild!

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” she wailed loudly.

Done with teasing her, I finally darted my tongue over her clit a few times. She came instantly! I felt it coating my chin as it spewed out of her.

With my free hand, I slid two fingers up inside her and she moaned her approval. With my tongue still flicking over her clit I reached up and found her g-spot. She coated my hand with another healthy dose of her cum.

“Y’see?” I breathed heavily after lifting my head. “That’s your g-spot.”

“Oh fuck off, bitch!” she grunted at me and forced my face back down with her hands. “Get your tongue back on my clit!”

I knew I had a big smile on my face as I swirled my tongue over and around her clit once more. She WAS demanding! Not that I minded. Hell, I was enjoying this!

“Suck on it!” she hissed at me loudly as she wrapped her free leg around me.

I did as I was told and took Amy’s clit into my mouth and began gently sucking on it.

“Fuck!” she screamed loudly. She coated my fingers and hands with another dose of her slick cum. She arched her back and began to buck her hips into my face as she pressed harder against the back of my head.

GOD! This was surreal! My own pussy was throbbing but I stayed focused on the pleasure I was giving Amy.

Her backside was completely off the bed as she ground herself against me. I kept my fingers up inside her, as I began flicking my tongue over her clit while I kept sucking on it.

She was wailing loudly, with her hands dug into my head. Part of me thought one of her neighbors would hear her and call 911, but that didn’t deter me.

Amy thrashed and bucked underneath me as I brought her to one absolutely intense orgasm. She actually squirted cum over my fingers and hand! Then she collapsed beneath me and moaned with pleasure.

“Oh my god!” she moaned loudly.

“Not bad for my first time?” I giggled as I wiggled up the bed and lay down next to her.

“Are you fucking kidding?” she breathed heavily with a hand to her forehead. “You are a natural!”

“Thanks,” I felt myself blush. “So? I now pronounce you?” I giggled.

“Hell yes!” Amy laughed back at me.


After spending the night, I spent most of Saturday just lounging with Amy out by her pool.

After making my way home I knew the second I got there that the shit was going to hit the fan in about ten seconds.

“Careful,” my dad whispered when I walked through the front door. “She’s on the warpath.”

My brow furrowed for only a moment before I heard my mom’s voice bellowing at me. “Michelle Elizabeth!”

Uh oh. When she used both my first and middle name, she was PISSED!

“Do you mind telling me where you were this afternoon young lady?” she growled at me after storming down the hall.

“I was at Amy’s place,” I shrugged.

“And weren’t you supposed to be someplace else?” she said in a condescending tone.

Oh shit! “The car wash at school!” I moaned loudly as I winced. We were supposed to have a fundraising carwash at school to help the quiz show team get new blazers before the regional finals got started.

“That’s right,” my mother’s tone was incredibly mocking. “However, since you decided to not show, nor place ads online, NOR provide the signage? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t a booming success.”

“Take it easy, Sophie,” my dad piped in. “It’s not the end of the world.”

“She had responsibilities,” Mom practically spat at him.

“She’s right,” I sighed. “I better start making the rounds and offering apologies.”


By the time I got to school on Monday, I was still in full-on apology mode. To my team-mates, our teacher/coach, and everyone who volunteered for the car wash that never was.

And this was after spending a good portion of Saturday evening and all day Sunday doing ‘mea culpa’ over the phone.

Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE was either pissed to holy hell, or monstrously disappointed in me. I was not used to having people have those thoughts about me. Hell, prior to this, I had been Miss Reliable.

To make matters worse, I hadn’t seen Amy all day! After apologizing to my team-mates and coach – AGAIN, this time as a group – I headed to the cafeteria, but there was still no sign of Amy.

I walked up to a table. “Excuse me, Emma?” I said.

She took a moment to acknowledge me. “Yes?” she finally said in a snobbish tone.

“Do you know where Amy is?”

“Oh? Lost track of your new friend have you?” she sneered at me.

“Listen, bitch,” I lowered my voice to a whisper. “I have been having a real shitty day, and I don’t need your attitude.”

“Well excuse me,” she replied in a mocking tone. “You know, just because you’ve got some new clothes and a new haircut doesn’t make us besties.”

“Thank God for that,” I fired right back her. “Just answer the question, you snot-nosed arrogant cow. Have you seen Amy?”

WOW! I don’t know who it was that was bitching Emma out, but it sure as hell couldn’t have been me! Except it was.

Emma just stared at me with her mouth open, like I’d just walloped her with a 2×4.


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