Michelle Comes Of Age

By Gowan Bush.


God, I came so much! I actually had tears running down my cheeks when Amy pushed her tongue inside my ass and worked it around, which brought me to another thunderous orgasm!


Amy got back into her bikini and headed downstairs to make us a couple of drinks. I went to the bathroom with the bikini I’d chosen, and splashed some water on my face.

Wow! I smiled at my reflection. Before I had been troubled by a lot of things – Amy and her dad’s relationship – why she pulled me into things and did she want me to be a part of it? – but once I took Luke’s advice and just stopped giving a shit, I was where I was.

As I donned the bikini, I turned and admired my full backside in the mirror. More flesh than material was visible. “Perfect!” I winked into the mirror.


I joined Amy outside and we lounged in the sun, sipping on our drinks.

“That was fucking incredible,” she sighed at one point. “Have you always been interested in ass play?”

I playfully hesitated, “Well, I have jammed a finger up there once or twice.” I giggled.

“You continue to impress me,” she toasted me with her glass.

Just then, the back door opened and Mr. Hardcock appeared. “Hello, ladies,” he said.

“Hi Mr. Hardcock,” I replied.

“Hey Dad,” Amy said with a smile. “How was golf?”

“Meh,” he shrugged. “So, Michelle? How did the quiz show go today?”

Before I could answer, Amy piped in: “She’s keeping us in suspense. We have to wait until it airs in a few hours.”

“Okay,” he nodded. “You’re staying for dinner then?”

“Yes sir,” I nodded at him. “If it’s not a problem.”

“Of course not,” he smiled at me as he headed back to the door. “We love having you.”

After he disappeared back inside, I turned to Amy and smiled at her. “Well, I know you enjoy having me,” I giggled.

“You got that right,” she giggled back. Then she reached out and clinked her glass against mine.

I waited a few moments and then drained the rest of my drink. “Well, I need a refill,” I announced.

Amy was about to stand up when I motioned her down. Then I headed back inside and went into the kitchen. I knew where the rum was. I knew where the coke was. But I stood there waiting until I knew Mr. Hardcock was coming down the stairs.

The second I heard his footsteps at the top of the stairs, I felt myself grin. I hiked up the bottoms of the bikini, then leaned over and opened a bottom cupboard.

By the time Mr. Hardcock was downstairs, he got a great view of my ass!

I felt a shiver go through me as I knew he was standing there looking at me. “What are you looking for?” he finally said in a pleasant tone.

“Oh,” I replied, as I lingered a moment longer before finally straightening up and turning to face him. “I was looking for the rum. Amy said it was in the cupboard under the sink?”

“Over the sink,” he smiled at me.

“Duh, me,” I smiled back. Then I turned and opened the cupboard, getting up on my tip-toes to do so. That was also giving Mr. Hardcock another great view of my ass.

After I retrieved the rum and poured some into my glass, I glanced back at him in his skimpy swimsuit. “Can I make you a drink?”

“Sure,” he nodded as he made his way to the back door, never taking his eyes off me as he did. “A glass of wine would be great.”

‘Coming right up,” I winked at him.

After I poured some coke into my glass, I got a bottle of wine from the rack, opened it up and poured a glass for Mr. Hardcock. I took both glasses into my hands and smiled. “I don’t give a shit,” I said out loud.


Mr. Hardcock was sitting in his recliner, while Amy huddled close to me on the couch as the end of the quiz show was approaching on TV.

“Shit,” Amy pouted as Immaculata went ahead late.

The moderator’s voice filled the living room: “What country has the longest coastline in the world?”

Amy squealed with delight when she saw Luke buzz in with the correct answer: Canada.

“Shit,” Mr. Hardcock laughed. “I wouldn’t have gotten that.”

Amy clenched my arm tightly. “Getting him back was the best thing ever!”

“It helped,” I smiled back at her.

Then the buzzer sounded. “Okay we’re tied.” the moderator announced. “It’s on to sudden death!” He pulled another card from his podium. “For all the marbles: What is the longest suspension bridge in the world?”

“Shit!” Amy said loudly when an Immaculata student buzzed in first.

“Relax,” I whispered to her. “They get it wrong.”

They did.

Over to us. I buzzed in before Luke. Both Mr. Hardcock and Amy saw Luke lean over and whisper something to me.

“What did he say?” they both asked in unison.

“He called me a bitch,” I giggled.

“That wasn’t very kind,” Mr. Hardcock laughed.

“He meant it affectionately,” I smiled at him.

The moderator’s voice filled the room again. “Okay, Miss England. If you get this right your school moves on.”

On the screen, I took a deep breath and then leaned towards the microphone in front of me. “It’s the Akashi Kaikyo bridge,” I said confidentially.

We won!

Amy hugged me so tight I thought I might suffocate!


“Are you sure you can’t spend the night?” Amy asked as she twirled her fingers through my hair.

“No,” I smiled warmly at her. “I should get home.” I lowered my voice and leaned in a bit. “Tell your dad I had fun flirting with him though.”

She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “I will,” she smiled.

I had a smile on face the whole way home. Damn, I felt good!

I felt even better when I walked through the front door of my house and my dad immediately started applauding when he saw me.

“Thanks, Dad,” I smiled at him. I glanced into the living room. “Where’s Mom?”

“In bed with a migraine,” he sighed and made air quotes as he said it. “Pretty much right after you won the thing.”

“Damn,” I smirked. “I was hoping to put her in a coma.”

I LOVED the fact that made my dad laugh.

“Well,” I beamed a smile at him. “I’m gonna hop in the tub and go to bed.”

“Okay,” he nodded at me. “Nice work today.”



Three weeks later at the quiz show finals, Luke and I broke protocol. However, given his earlier advice, I didn’t give a shit.

The moderator had asked: “What was the name of the famous knot that Alexander the Great untied?”

Luke rang in and correctly answered: ‘The Gordian Knot!”

And that won us the championship! Our break in protocol was him jumping up in triumph and me jumping up and wrapping my arms and legs around him.

“Oh my god!” I exhaled heavily to Luke when we got backstage. “Thank you SO fucking much!”

“Come on,” he smiled at me. “You knew that one!”

“Doesn’t matter,” I smiled at him. “You fucking nailed it!” I couldn’t help myself and leaned in to give him a big kiss.

“Shit.” he exhaled heavily when our lips parted. “Did you kiss Squig like this when he beat you at chess?”

“Nope,” I giggled as I traced a finger down his face. “By the way,” I titled my head up a bit. “Why haven’t you asked me to prom?”

“Oh,” he seemed taken aback. “Well, I already have a date.”

“Who with?” I asked.

“Um, Suzanne,” he replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“And what made you ask her?” I asked playfully as I kept my arms around his shoulders.

“I didn’t” he smiled. “She asked me.”

“Very cool,” I nodded at him. “In that case, you’re forgiven. Will you at least save me a dance?”


I leaned in and kissed him again. “Thank you. You’re my hero.”

I was just releasing my grip on him when he gently grabbed me by the hip. “Hey,” he said with a smile. “Two things: One, you’re MY hero. And two, if you’d have asked? I’d have said yes in a heartbeat.”

I winked at him and then turned and left.


“I am so proud of you,” Amy whispered to me as we lay in bed naked with each other. She gently ran her fingers through my hair as she smiled at me.

“Thanks,” I smiled back at her. “But Luke won it for us.”

“That he did,” she replied. “One of us should really consider fucking him for that,” she added with a giggle.

“Well.” I shrugged as I rolled over onto my back. “I did ask him why he didn’t ask me to prom.”

“And?” she giggled.

“He’s going with Suzanne,” I said flatly.

Amy sat up abruptly. “That red-headed cunt?”

“She’s not that bad,” I laughed.

“Still,” she huffed as she ran her hands through her hair. “I don’t get it,”

“He said she asked him,” I offered.

“Still,” she grinned at me as she leaned back down and kissed me softly on the lips. “Standards.”

I smiled at her. “By the way. Who are you going with?”

“Actually I’m glad you brought that up,” she smirked at me as she began to caress my tits. “I was going to go stag. What do you think about being my date?”

Both my heart and my pussy fluttered at the same time!

“On one condition,” I whispered to her.

“Name it,” she smiled at me.

I turned over and reached into Amy’s nightstand and found one of her dildos. I fumbled a bit more and found some lube, then I sat back up. “I want you to push this thing up my ass,” I smiled at her. “That’s how I want your dad to take me first.”

Amy’s jaw dropped.


“You look very beautiful,” Luke smiled at me as we swayed back and forth to Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’ at prom.

“Thanks,” I smiled back at him. “You look very dashing yourself.”

“Dashing?” he smirked at me. “I like the sound of that.”

“Hey,” I put a hand around his neck. “Thanks again.”

“Oh, come on,” he playfully groaned.

“I’m not talking quiz team,” I interjected. “I mean for being a good friend.”

“Don’t mention it,” he winked at me.

“So,” I smiled at him. “Are you gonna fuck Suzanne tonight?”

“Possibly,” he replied with a smirk. “Are you getting laid tonight?”

“The light, the heat,” I sang with the song then smiled at him. “There’s a good chance. Why? Do you give a shit?”

“Nope,” he smiled at me.

I leaned my head against his chest for the rest of our dance.


Amy and I had left prom fairly early in the evening and were heading back to her place.

“You know people are going to be talking about us,” she giggled. “Being each other’s dates and leaving early?”

“I don’t give a shit,” I grinned at her.

“Atta girl,” she laughed. “So, is our fun tonight going to be strictly us? Or were you serious about trying to get my dad to fuck you up the ass?”

I chuckled. “So you think the last three weeks of having you shove your dildo up my butt was just because I couldn’t think of a better way to ask?”

“It would have been inventive,” she laughed. “Given your level of intelligence, I wouldn’t put it past you. But were you really serious? About my dad I mean?”

“Yes,” I replied confidently. “Listen, I should tell you something.”

“Uh oh,’ she giggled as she locked elbows with me as we walked along slowly. “This sounds big!”

“It is,” I nodded. I took a deep breath. “I know.”

She held my gaze for a moment and then smiled. “How?” she asked with a grin.

“A few weeks ago,” I shrugged. “That Monday you didn’t come to school? I went over to your place after. And, I saw you and your dad in the backyard.”

“Oh my god!” she whispered loudly as she stopped walking. “That’s why you were so weird that week!”

“Pretty much,” I smiled. “But I got over it.”

“Very cool,” she giggled to me as we started walking along again, our heels clicking on the pavement. “But let me just tell my dad that I told you, okay?”

“Why?” I asked with a quizzical look.

“If he finds out that you’ve known for weeks and he’s had to wait to get into your pants? It might piss him off,” she giggled.


When we got back to her place we found her dad sitting in the living room in his bathrobe. “Welcome home,” he said as he stood up. “How was prom?”

“It was fine,” Amy smiled at him. She kicked her heels off and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, then leaned in and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

I smiled, and my pussy began tingling.

When Amy broke the kiss she lingered in front of her dad for a moment. “She knows,” I heard her whisper to him.

He nodded and slid his hands around his daughter’s waist. “So Michelle. You’re okay with our special relationship?”

“Okay?” I laughed as I moved to the kitchen and kicked my heels off. “Not only do I approve, depending on how things go tonight, I might have to get you to have a chat with my father.”

“About what?” he asked, as Amy smiled back at me, still in her dad’s embrace.

“About the benefits of this kind of special relationship. My mother is such a raging bitch, I swear,” I sighed and shook my head. “He deserves a blow-job just for putting up with her.”

That made them both laugh.

“What are you doing?” Amy asked after I reached around and began to undo my dress.

I let it fall to the floor, stepped out of it, and then began to undo my bra. “I thought I’d take a quick swim. Anyone want to join me?”

“Hell yes!” Amy giggled as she bounced up towards me and started getting undressed. “Dad? Bring drinks.”


Amy and I didn’t really swim. It was more like we got into the pool and started making out with each other.

We were up against each other on the edge of the pool with our lips locked and tongues intertwined. My hands were groping her ample tits while she cupped my ass with one hand, and with the other, she teased my pussy.

Mr. Hardcock walked up to the pool and set two glasses down on the patio for us. He took a sip of his wine and smiled down at us.

“Well,” I breathed heavily up at him as I broke my kiss with Amy. “Are you gonna take that robe off or not?”

He merely nodded at me and then reached down and pulled the sash of his robe and let it dangle open. I licked my lips as Amy continued to grope at me and kiss my neck. I could see his semi-erect cock as his robe flopped open. GOD! I was already huge and I could wait to feel it inside me.

He slid his robe off of his shoulders and then sat down on the edge of the pool with his feet dangling over the edge.

“What do you think?” Amy whispered to me.

“I dunno,” I giggled. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to get that whole thing into my mouth, let alone my ass.”

Mr. Hardcock’ eyes bugged out a bit at that comment.

“There’s nothing to it,” she giggled to me. In a blink, Amy moved over to him and took his cock into her mouth.

Without missing a beat, I slid up behind her in the water. I cupped her tits with one hand, while I groped at her ass with the other. I felt my pussy trembling with excitement as I watched Amy bob her head back and forth over her dad’s cock, sucking him to a full erection.

She released his cock from her mouth and moved over a bit. “Your turn,” she grinned at me.

I didn’t need to be told twice! I moved forward and stared at Mr. Hardcock’ massive cock for a moment before opening my mouth and taking as much of him as I could. It took me a few moments to get comfortable with having a real cock in my mouth, but I eventually settled in and found a way that wasn’t only comfortable for me – it was fucking surreal!

It was SO much different that sucking on a dildo, or another inanimate object. First, the warmth of his cock in my mouth felt wonderful! Next, the texture of it was out of this world! His rigid shaft, and those big veins! And the big, bulbous head of his cock felt so incredible against the back of my throat each time I bobbed my head down over him. Behind me, Amy was licking the back of my neck as she cupped my breasts with one hand. With the other, she had reached down and was working a finger over my asshole.

I came as she played with me while her dad’s cock was in my mouth. I moaned loudly and quivered with delight.

Amy and I swapped positions a few times before she finally put an end to things. “Okay,” she said with a heavy breath as she pulled me away from the edge of the pool. “You go and shower,” she said to her had as we caressed each other under the night sky. “This one and I will too. Then? I get her first.”


The shower Amy and I took was little more than she and I groping at each other and fingering each other while we lingered under the water. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

We made our way to Amy’s room, she went down on me and after putting my eyeballs onto the ceiling, she reached over to the nightstand and pulled out her bottle of lube. “Turn over,” she hissed to me.

I did as I was told and got onto my hands and knees. Amy squeezed some lube onto her fingers and then smeared it over my pucker. Then she surprised me by using her tongue to work it around.

I moaned with delight and bit my lower lip as she smeared the lube around. She elicited a deep groan from me when she pushed her tongue up into my asshole.

Amy pulled her head away and slowly inserted one finger, and then another up into my ass and I moaned heavily as she did. “Do you need the dildo first?” she cooed to me as she slowly worked her fingers in and out of me.

“No,” I moaned back. “Go get him!”

She eased off the bed and went to her bedroom door. “Dad?” she called out. “She’s ready.”

He showed up at the door fully naked, with his cock fully erect. Amy leaned in and kissed him. “Go easy,” she whispered to him. “It’s her first time.”

“Screw that,” I whimpered from the bed. “I want you to fuck me senseless!”

“Interestingly enough,” he said with a smile as he moved to the edge of the bed and put a hand to the side of my face. “Amy once said the same thing.”

I smiled at him. He crawled onto the bed behind me as Amy slid onto the bed in front of me and spread her legs. She reached up and gently guided my face down to her pussy once more. “I like your style,” she moaned as I began licking at her dripping wetness.

Mr. Hardcock took a deep breath and felt him nestle up closer to me. I felt him clench my left butt cheek and then felt the head of his cock against my asshole. He gently pressed it against me.

“Don’t tease me!” I barked back at him after lifting my head from Amy’s pussy. “Get in there!”

Amy giggled. “I think she’s ready.”

Mr. Hardcock gripped my butt cheek more firmly and leaned into me. A second later his cock slid up my asshole.

“Oh shit!” I shrieked loudly.

“You okay?” Amy asked with concern as she reached down and put a hand on my face.

“She’s fine,” her dad grunted from behind me. “She’s just cumming,” he added with a laugh.

He was right. The second I felt his wonderful cock up my ass I spewed forth a generous amount of goo.

“I guess the performance anxiety is gone?” Amy giggled at me.

I smiled up at her with what I was sure was a look of pure pleasure on my face. Mr. Hardcock’ cock filled me up so wonderfully and sensations of delight radiated throughout my entire body. I immediately dove my face back between Amy’s legs and lapped at her inviting pussy.

Mr. Hardcock increased his pace as my ass opened up a bit. I was actually impressed that I was taking his full length! I knew I was because I could feel his balls slap against my pussy each time he drove his cock deep into me.

I was wailing with pleasure and kept cumming. There was so much pleasure radiating through my entire body. It was so intense that I had to stop licking at Amy’s pussy. She didn’t complain though. She simply ran her fingers through my hair as I rested my face on her thigh.

Behind me, Mr. Hardcock grunted loudly as he drilled in and out of me with wild abandon. I felt my butt cheeks jiggling intently under his motion. Still, the man was doing as he was told – he was fucking me senseless!

His breath began to shorten and I felt him grip my hips tightly. I felt myself cumming again as he quickened his pace!

“Oh yeah, do it, dad!” Amy hissed loudly. “Fill her ass with your cum!”

He drilled into me powerfully and I moaned with delight. I gripped Amy’s hips tightly as felt him getting close.

Holy shit! When he came I actually felt it inside my ass! I loved the sensation of his cum coating the inside of my ass and I moaned even more loudly. I raised my mouth away from Amy’s thigh and purred loudly: “Oh fuck yes! That feels SO good!”


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